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After pressing, cast billet, steel ingot or billet casted from furnace refining molten came into steel (iron and steel product). There are many kinds of steel, which are generally divided into section, plate, tube and wire.

1. Section steelThere are many kinds of section steels. stainless steel It is solid rectangular steel with a certain section shape and size. According to the different section shape, it is divided into simple and complex section. The former one includes round steel, square steel, flat steel, six angle and angle steel; the latter one includes rail, I-beam, channel steel, steel and special steel window frame. Small round steel with diameter 6.5-9.0mm is called wire steel.

2. Steel plate

Steel plate is flat steel with great ratio of width to thickness and surface area. According to the thickness, thermal expansion pipe it is divided into thin sheet (thickness <4mm), plate (thickness 4-25mm) and thick (thickness >25mm). Steel strip is Included in the steel plate.

3. Steel pipe

Steel pipe Is one kind of rectangular steel with hollow sections. According to the different section shape, it can be divided into round tube, square tube, hexagonal tube and various kinds of special-shaped steel tube. According to different processing, it can also be divided into seamless steel tubes and welded steel pipe two categories.

4. Steel wire.

The wire is once again cold processing products of wire. According to the shape, oil and gas pipeline it can be divided into round wire, flat wire and triangular steel wire. In addition to the direct use of steel wire, it can also used in the production of steel wire rope, steel wire and other products.

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