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更新日期:2013-06-08  浏览:2016

Submerged arc welded pipe production ranges from 325mm-1420mm, new thermal insulation pipe less than 325mm straight seam steel pipe, using high-frequency welding process.

SAW straight seam steel pipe for the introduction of double-sided submerged arc welding process and there is a straight seam welded steel pipe, when the diameter is larger than 914mm straight seam steel pipe can have two straight welds.

Straight seam submerged arc welded steel pipes used filler particle flux submerged arc protection.

Submerged arc welding straight seam steel pipe is ASWL sided submerged arc welding straight seam steel pipe for short. Submerged arc welding straight seam steel pipe production process has JCOE molding technology, Italy roll formed SAW technology.

SAW straight seam steel pipe GB/T3091-2008 can perform low-pressure fluid pipe production standards, GB/T9711.1-2 -1997 oil and gas pipe production using standard, you can also perform the U.S. implementation of the standard API 5L line pipe.

Submerged arc welding straight seam steel pipe is widely used in steel structures, piling,thermal expansion pipe fluid transport, long-distance pipelines and other large diameter thick use cases.

Submerged arc welding straight seam steel pipe related parameters:

Production range: 325mm-1420mm.

Production Thickness: 7mm-80mm.

Production Material: Q195A-Q345E; 245R; Q345QA-D; L245-L485; X42-X70.

Production: JCOE molding, three-roll roll formed.

Pressure: 2ST / T S is the yield strength, T is the thickness.

Protective layer: anti-rust.


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