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Most of the old house use galvanized pipe and now pipes used in gas and heating are galvanized pipe. As a water pipe, after a few years galvanized pipe produces a large number of rust in the tube and the outflow of water not only pollute the sanitary ware, but also mixed with not smooth inner wall of the breeding of bacteria. Rust corrosion caused by excessive levels of heavy metals in water, which is serious harm to human health. In 1960s or 1970s, the developed countries began to develop new materials and gradually disable galvanized pipe. Chinese Ministry of construction and other four ministries also issued clear prohibited galvanized pipes from 2000 years. The cold water of new residential pipe has been rarely used galvanized pipes and some areas of the hot water pipe use galvanized pipe.
UPVC tube:
In fact, it is a kind of plastic pipe, interface with adhesive. welded steel product UPVC tube resistance and heat resistance is not good, so it is difficult used for heat pipe. Because the strength is not suitable for the pressure requirements of water, so the water pipe is rarely used. In most cases, PVC is suitable for electrical conduit and pipe. In addition, the Department of internal medicine technology found that chemical additive phthalein, which can make the PVC softer, has big impact on the human body kidney, liver and testis and it can lead to cancer, kidney damage, and damage to the human body function reconstruction system, affect the development. So I suggest you do not buy.
Plastic pipe:
Aluminum-plastic composite pipe is a pipe more popular on the market. In the current market, there are relatively well-known RiFeng and Jin, because of its lightweight, durable and convenient construction. Its flexible nature is more suitable for use in the home. Its main disadvantage is when used in hot water pipes, due to thermal expansion and contraction, it will cause long-term dislocation wall that leads to leakage. Beijing and many residential use aluminum tube, in the new decoration idea of Guangdong and Shanghai, plastic pipe has been gradually no market, the plastic pipe is still active in the Beijing market, I believe that in the near future, plastic pipe in the Beijing market will face elimination.
PPR tube:
As a new type of pipe material, PPR pipe has the advantage richly endowed by nature. FinMin probing pipe imports It can be used as a cold water pipe, but also can be used as a heat pipe. Due to it is non-toxic, light, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, it is the material which is highly promoted. At present, it is few selected by Beijing decoration project. PPR pipe is not only applicable to the cold water pipe, but also suitable for hot water pipe and even clean drinking water pipeline. PPR pipe interface using the hot melt technology and pipe fully integrated together, so once pass the installation of pressure test, not like plastic pipe as long time aging water leakage phenomenon, the PPR tube will not scale. Some high-end residential and apartment in Beijing generally adopted by PPR pipes as the cold water pipes and hot water pipes. PPR tube is the high water materials which will never scaling, rust, leakage and green.
Copper tubes have corrosion resistance, eliminating bacteria and other advantages and it is the first-class goods in water pipe. Brass interface way sleeve and welding of two sets of cards, with aluminum tube, long time aging water leakage problem exists, so in Shanghai, Mount brass user most of the use of welding, welding is the interface through oxygen welding together, so it can be with PPR water, never leakage, a disadvantage of brass is fast heat conduction, so hot the famous Shanghai three net, Baoyang brass manufacturers outside cover to prevent the heat of plastic and foaming agent, another disadvantage is the price expensive brass, there is little water supply system in residential area is copper, perhaps only in the export apartments and luxury villas will see. If you intend to change water, and that the copper pipe is good, the proposal must use interface welding.
 Head: head used to seal a water outlet after pipe installed. Remove installed faucet!
 Mixing valve: mixing valve is a valve, mixed hot and cold water. oil and gas pipeline In fact, the valve itself should not be mixed, just pick up the cold, hot water pipe, which played a role of mixed.
The front number of the pipe specifications represents diameter and the latter number represents pipe wall thickness.
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