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更新日期:2013-07-13  浏览:1489

Carbon steel elbow heat treatment generally adopted protective gas without continuous heat treatment furnace, intermediate heat treatment and final heat treatment production process, as can be obtained without oxidation bright surface, thereby eliminating the traditional pickling process. The heat treatment process, not only improves the quality of the pipe, but also overcomes the pollution of the environment of pickling.

According to the trend of world development, continuous bright furnace is divided into three basic types:
(1) Roller hearth bright heat treatment furnace. This model is suitable for large size, large quantities of heat treatment, and more than 1 tons per hour. Protective gas can be used as the high purity hydrogen, ammonia and other protective gas. It can be equipped with convection cooling system, so that faster cooling pipe.
(2) Net belt bright heat treatment furnace. This type of furnace is suitable for small diameter thin wall precision steel tube, output per hour is about 0.3-1.0 tons, processing pipe length up to 40 meters, can also be processed into the capillary volume.
(3) The muffle type bright heat treatment furnace. Tube mounted on a continuous frame, operation of heating in a muffle tube, can handle the quality of small diameter thin wall steel tube with low cost, output per hour in about 0.3 tons.
The international processing technology, process and characteristics, forming method for production of large diameter longitudinal submerged arc welding pipe abroad: UOE method, CFE method, RBE cage roll forming roll forming method, method JCOE forming method, C method, PFP gradual bending forming. Brief introduction is as follows:
The 1.UOE method will first pre - bending plate pressed into type U in forming press U, then in O press forming die within pressed into an O shape welded into a tube and then the overall diameter. The UOE method is one of the forming method of today's most advanced international, now the world has this forming carbon steel elbow unit of nearly 30 sets, the UOE method with high production efficiency and good product quality is well known, but did not have high price, large scale of investment.
The cage roll forming machine of 2.CFE method by pre-forming frame, flat roller frame, roller and a small roller edge bending machine frame, because many of the same small roller, the plate edge forming process trajectory is almost straight, to avoid the "edge tension" phenomenon. There is no difference between CFE good forming quality, the quality of its products and UOF method. The use of raw materials for hot roll strip coil, this point and the other forming method are different. It is mainly applicable to mass, single varieties of steel production, but it is difficult to produce high strength thick wall steel pipe and steel pipe with large caliber.
The forming of steel plate after many times of rolling between three and four 3.RBE or roll roll forming, the method to produce carbon steel elbow UOEcarbon steel elbow are close in the use of performance and reliability. RBE method with less investment, quick construction, moderate yield and flexibility, strong adaptability to the market, in recent years, the method has been applied in some developing countries. But because of the forming method of forming roller central without support, the rigidity constraints, forming pipe diameter not less than 508mm (20in), reduced market share, a lot of pipeline in China less than 508mm in diameter.
4.JCOE forming method, first in the hydraulic press the steel plate is pressed into J shape, pressure on both sides of edge, after repeated stamping is in a C shape, the half O shape mold pressed into a O shape. JCOE the quality of their products and UOEcarbon steel elbow approach, and the line price is far lower than UOE group, but its production efficiency is low.
5.C forming method with two sets of C forming machine to replace the UOE unit in the U press and O press, its forming process: the pre-bending sheet in the first machine forming steel plate half, then in another press forming steel plate and the other half, resulting in O shape tube. C carbon steel elbow forming process has suitable size, moderate yield, production line of lower prices.
6.PFP progressive forming method is the end of precontoured plates in the press with a smaller size, more times gradually bending of sheet metal, finally forming for the pipe steel pipe seam welder. PFP is a small amount of time pressure, so the press tonnage is small, so the investment is small, the method of forming different diameter, different wall thickness of carbon steel elbow, machining diameter of less than 406mm, the carbon steel elbow production of good quality, moderate yield.
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