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 hot finished pipe. Hot finished tubes are carbon steel seamless pipe production process the final steps is

The outer diameter greater than the finished pipe size and wall thickness, but to achieve the accuracy required and the waste pipe, given by the constant reducing mill reducing
The finished product standards into line pipe; or to waste pipe diameter to products by expanding into the standard requirements
1.3 carbon steel seamless pipe and quality assurance
Currently in carbon steel seamless pipe production in the important task is to use advanced methods of steel production and expansion of rolling
Material, carbon steel seamless pipe and metal products on the basis of species, to fundamentally improve the quality of steel to improve the steel in the national
China economy to use effects and improve the iron and steel enterprises in the market economy's competitiveness.
Rely solely on the final product quality checks to ensure that is unreliable, not only because any prosecution
Check the technical means to have the possibility of error, and the production processes are likely out of scrap or defective, such as
If a defect occurs before a process or waste is not timely check it out later in the process will continue to increase
Work, which not only does not improve the effective utilization of equipment, but also a waste of energy, increase product costs. Because
Here, the product quality control must start from the raw material, the process aspects of product quality management should be strengthened
And monitoring to ensure that after a process to produce acceptable quality products.
The hot-rolled carbon steel seamless pipe is, carbon steel seamless pipe plants used in the quality control system that is based on mass present in the billet
Volume, carbon steel seamless pipe production process quality and quantitative relationship between the degree of control to determine, has established quality control system include:
① raw material (carbon steel seamless pipe) the quality requirements of quantitative limit;
② always need to meet the requirements for the inspection of the system;
③ on the production process of quantitative control;
④ intermediate process of inspection;
⑤ final inspection to ensure the quality of the finished product.
Carbon steel seamless pipe according to the purpose and method of producing hot-rolled carbon steel seamless pipe using the ingot (or slab), rolling
Forging billet or as raw material, and sometimes also used after peeling, centering carbon steel seamless pipe for raw materials. Regardless of carbon steel seamless pipe production
Method How, carbon steel seamless pipe is to determine the quality of the finished carbon steel seamless pipe quality of the main factors. Therefore, the carbon steel seamless pipe steel
Smelting and casting and rolling must be under strict quality control.
Of course, the correct choice of the pipe mill rolled carbon steel seamless pipe on the process parameters (first piercing process
Parameters, such as the head, reduction, feed angle and roll type, etc.), on access to high-quality carbon steel seamless pipe with heavy
To significance.
Therefore, only the integrated carbon steel seamless pipe is determined by the quality of rolling process parameters and the optimum value of the decision factors
Circumstances, in order to achieve improved quality carbon steel seamless pipe purposes, but should be determined with these factors interconnected
System and its impact on carbon steel seamless pipe quality impact.
1.4 carbon steel seamless pipe basic research
.4 Fly Fly skew rolling fundamental research
Skew rolling process in carbon steel seamless pipe production has been widely applied, piercing, tube rolling (extensions) are sharp,
Sizing is available skew rolling implementation. There are two inclined pipe rolling mill rolls and three rolls two systems. Although the structure of pipe rolling mill
Are different, the shape of the roll rolls in different positions in space, however, the roller, tubes deformation zone
, The adjustment parameters and the geometric relationship between the rolling process is basically the same.
① rotary piercing. Since 1977, our country has been used to coordinate transformations and differential geometry envelope
Principle, solving roller tube contact line equation, trying to unify solve different situations skew rolling roll-shaped design to ask
Question; Subsequently, the dual function conditional extremum seeking methods and principles of conjugate surface analytical methods;
There is also the motion of the rolling member and the relationship between the roll surface abstract clusters and the envelope surface of the problem, and then
Envelope with a request method, derived in the known axial cross-sectional surface rolling line, the roller-shaped curved side
Process and so on.
② three-roll cross rolling tube. Of the 1980s, the first three-roll rolling machine production, 1987
Years on the use of space analytic geometry theory of orthogonal transform rigid body motion and accurate analysis of the three-roll cross rolling space
Structure, the establishment of rolling machine to adjust the relationship between the front and rear coordinate expression, roll grinding roll segment feed angle roller surface equations and formulas, and from the mill to adjust the angle of the tuning parameters, grinding roll angle and
Activity feed angle rack on the impact angle.
③ tapered roller perforated pipe and two-roll cross rolling. Mathematically derive practical calculations half roll
Path formulas. In a theoretical formula for roll-shaped design, to fully take into account the requirements of the production process, for example,
Such as biting into convenient sections of the deformation amount of deformation has the best to minimize torsion carbon steel seamless pipe, the roller-shaped design
Total theoretical calculation and process requirements to achieve the combination. With analytic geometry representation of points, lines from the parameter space
Equation, parse the feed angle and in a case of grinding roll angle roll, pipe relations derived when a given rolling
Shape requirements of roll shape, or form a given demand of roll grooved shape formula or given a different feed angle
Rolling deformation zone when the situation changes, or coordinate approach reflects the different adjustment parameters, the bite
Segment, grind rolled sections, are the entire hole opening degree trends. In order to improve the design and optimization of roll shape adjustment parameters
Number provides a theoretical basis.
Fly .4.2 skew rolling force and energy parameters of
In the early 1980s he started to cross rolling theory of a series of studies, such as changes
Shaped area of metal deformation, stress distribution, rolling force and rolling torque conducted research on the cavity shape
Research into the mechanism; actively guide disc on a single rotary piercing carbon steel seamless pipe macroscopic deformation of the metal, the guide plate for rolling
Force and radial deformation along the rolling and uneven distribution of stress; joint wear on a three-roll mill
Deformation zone and deformation characteristics of the use of three-dimensional rigid-plastic finite element method skew rolling process of inquiry conducted by the state rolling
Research; using three-dimensional plastic finite element method of rotary piercing process simulation analysis; application of such excess
The concept and calculation of excess deformation deformation method to study extending tapered roller skew rolling process.
20th century, 80 years ago, some of our larger carbon steel seamless pipe plant, the production of carbon steel seamless pipe
Major equipment for force parameters measured. The main parameters measured contact area, rolling force, the electric
Machine power, which calculated the average unit pressure and rolling moment. The measured values can then use in mining
Cardiff theoretical results calculated comparing the theoretical formula found error is larger, so the measured statistics
Information, return to the contact area with some rolling pressure calculated empirical formula. Many domestic design units
In the Select device parameters, such information has played an important reference.
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