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    cutting. General forged SSAW steel pipe is relatively short, the majority of rolling a SSAW steel pipe length. The rolling

And casting SSAW steel pipe generally longer requires cutting, long SSAW steel pipe coming shears, saws, trucks, folding or oxygen cut into
Rolling process required length. Production set, double length SSAW steel pipeSSAW steel pipe material under the length of the key is to ensure a
Product SSAW steel pipe fixed, double length ratio, and accurately consider SSAW steel pipe heating burning, SSAW steel pipe ends of the head and tail cut long
Degree, finished SSAW steel pipe size of the deviation (this includes the middle), and SSAW steel pipe unit weight deviation of shadow
Rang. On the production of non-length SSAW steel pipe of SSAW steel pipe cutting length, the key is to not leave SSAW steel pipe I head or I head the shortest
To improve the finished product rate.
(3) the end of the centering drill holes. In rotary piercing machine made hair wearing tube SSAW steel pipe, original (20th century
1950) are needed in SSAW steel pipe front (advanced perforator end) cold-centering drill a hole centering
Hole diameter is generally 20 to 35 refuse garbage, refuse depth of 10 to 30 La, perforation bite Pops, piercing plug to shun
Lee to identify the SSAW steel pipe center to ensure that the front end of the capillary wall thickness. Later, some piercing machine was installed before
Heat setting effort, heated SSAW steel pipe heat given directly by the effort given upper centering holes.
In the 1990s, with the development of technology punch in punch machine installed in the host
Three roller centering device to ensure perforation bite Pops, head pinpoint SSAW steel pipe center, so that the front end of the capillary wall thickness
Uniform. With this advanced rotary piercing machine, no longer requires SSAW steel pipe must drill a hole centered.
(4) stainless steel, high alloy SSAW steel pipe preparation. Include the following aspects.
① skinned. Generally need to be SSAW steel pipe surface car to go from 0.5 to 1.5 garbage garbage (based on SSAW steel pipe surface quality
Depending on the amount).
② drilling. Extrusion (tube) production of SSAW steel pipe when, SSAW steel pipe needs to drill a deep hole drilling machine
∮ 20 ~ 30 refuse refuse through-holes to reduce the thickness deviation of the mother pipe.
③ Centering holes. With the production of rotary piercing stainless SSAW steel pipe, you need SSAW steel pipe ends drill set
Heart holes. 2.2 capillary Production
Capillary SSAW steel pipe production is the production process in the first deformation step comprises heating the SSAW steel pipe, wear
Holes or punching and extends other processes. According rolling extension (second) step of the different requirements, perforation or
Punching process is also different.
(1) perforation step. Round SSAW steel pipe piercing mill in two or two roll rolling once perforation and secondary punch
Or three-roll cross-rolling machine rolled into a thick-walled hollow wear wool tube for rolling pipe mill, SSAW steel pipe
Group and three rolling pipe mill, disc (Diesel) pipe mill, precision pipe mill and a new pipe jacking machine
Group (CPE) and new pipe mill production cycle.
(2) punch (extended) hole processes. Round SSAW steel pipe hydraulic ram (extended) hole into a thick-walled hollow billet for extrusion
Pipe mill; round ingot pressure waves into thick-walled cup punching parison, for large pipe jacking machine.
(3) punching and stretching step. SSAW steel pipe pressure side punched into a thick-walled cup-shaped preform, and then heating, extends into the
Capillary tube units for the top post; square wave or waves round ingot, ingot hydraulic punching into a thick-walled octagonal cup
Billet, reheating, and extending into the bottom of the cup to wear hair extension tube for cycle pipe mill.

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