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 Figure 2-2 tapered roller piercing process

1 - feed horn China; - grinding roll angle; 3-SSAW steel pipe; 4 - tapered roller; 5 - with the head of the plunger
In the Mannesmann brothers studied cross rolling, first proposed that three-roll cross-rolling machine. However,
After the development of the two roll rotary piercing machine's success and wide application of three-roll cross-rolling machines do not get fat
Show. 1965 In line with the research and application of continuous casting round SSAW steel pipe rolling SSAW steel pipe, SSAW steel pipe UK investment company
(TuL Mans I refuse nine V Mans Mans nine st t) manufacturing units in operation for a three-roll rotary piercing machine.
Three-roll cross-rolling machine except the shelf, and its front and back with two roll rotary piercing machine is basically the same. Three roller
Rotary piercing mill machine has three common characteristics, that is, no guide and guard, roll diameter is limited, a
Generally 350 to 500 garbage garbage. Three-roll rotary piercing machine's advantages are: the perforation process, the blank is not for the destruction of the alternating stress
Used, shown in Figure 2-3, it can greatly reduce the perforation caused by folding the inner surface can wear hard deformation
Steel and billet; no guide and guard, so there is no deformation of metal and the friction between the guide and guard,
Axial slip reduction, improve the piercing efficiency and reduce energy consumption and improve the surface quality of the capillary. The disadvantages are:
Acting on the top of head pressure, than the two-roll cross-rolling machine is 20% to 25%, the head service life
Life is short, wear long hair rolled thin tube difficulties; folded capillary outer surface increases.
Figure 2-3 two roll and three roll rotary piercing Compare
Since two roll rotary piercing machine technology is improving to meet the needs of the development of production, while the three-roll
Rotary piercing machine is difficult to overcome the inherent disadvantages, and thus also in foreign countries only built in the 1960s
Made the three three-roll cross-rolling machine. There are four sets of three-roll rotary piercing machine, respectively, and three-roll rolling machine
Group and the top tube units supporting, providing perforated capillary.
(2) of the development of the rotary piercing machine
① two roll rotary piercing machine. First, from the Soviet Union in the 1950s introduced two (∮ 140 garbage garbage
And ∮ 400 garbage garbage SSAW steel pipe group supporting equipment), and later in the 1980s and 1990s with the
Together with the introduction of the entire unit, in addition to our own design are all manufactured in our country capillary
Production of the main unit. Began designing and manufacturing relatively simple and rough, and the design of existing manufacturing units SSAW steel pipe plant, there are metallurgical factories, machinery repair, and other devices. Then gradually develop and improve, and
Gradually on the right track by a professional design and manufacture of metallurgical plant or by a professional design and mechanical metallurgy institute
Factory manufacturing. At present, China's two-roll rotary piercing machine design, manufacturing level and ability, and
Puncher adjustments, detection, control and automation and precision all reached the international level.
② cone piercing mill. 1992 in a SSAW steel pipe plant put into operation, which is the plant
∮ 180 garbage garbage precision pipe mill equipped with equipment, but also China's first cone piercing mill. On the same year,
Commenced ∮ 200 garbage garbage cone piercing mill development work, and has designed and manufactured more than ∮ 76 garbage refuse,
∮ 90 garbage garbage, ∮ 120 garbage garbage cone piercing mill. During this period, along with three rolling pipe mill and rolling tube machine
Group together imported more than one cone piercing mill.
③ three-roll cross-rolling machine. 1968 developed in accordance with national plans to begin the design, manufacture Regulation
Grid of ∮ 108 garbage garbage three-roll cross-rolling machine, 1973 in a SSAW steel pipe plant installation, commissioning and perforation
Tests. 1978 this rotary piercing machine and a new design and manufacture of three-roll rolling machine components into the pipe mill
Line production. 1979 development, design, manufacture ∮ 50 garbage garbage three roll cross-rolling, rolling machine also carried out
Trial production.

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API 5CT Casing Pipe
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API 5CT Tubing Pipe
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