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更新日期:2013-07-25  浏览:1647

 1970s before rolling tube machine use a full-floating mandrel operation. Come from a punch

Capillary penetration mandrel, into rolling pipe rolling machine, rolling out when rolling when the background is the mill
Loopback mandrel rollers appropriated by the machine off the mandrel rod is withdrawn from the rolling, rolling into the next step,
The mandrel back to the mill reception after cooling, re-enter the next work cycle. The typical rolling
Compared pipe mill, perforated plate is used to big lead guide and guard the Diesel punch, make work efficiency improvements
High capillary quality improvement. After processing out of the capillary hollow billet reducing mill before entering the pipe rolling mill, in order to
Carbon steel elbow size reduction and improvement of the accuracy of the hollow billet sizes. This full-floating mandrel pipe rolling mill, since the core
Length of the rod, rolling Carbon steel elbow of larger diameter when the mandrel weight, easy to manufacture and maintain, thus limiting the mandrel full
Floating pipe rolling mill can produce Carbon steel elbow specifications, the maximum diameter of only 168 refuse to refuse.
1970s France and Italy have appeared in the mandrel half Limit and Limit of MPM
Machine. In essence, these two MPM mandrel on the use of methods of operation, all borrow three roll
Tube machine mandrel method of operation.
Limit half (or semi-floating) mandrel operation method in the rolling process, the mandrel velocity
Limited by the card holder mandrel clamped below the workpiece forward roll-out speed. When rolling the rolling end
When the card holder release mandrel, it arrived with the rolling mill backstage pass, stick with a dedicated machine off
Withdrawn from the rolling mandrel, the mandrel return foreground, rolling toward the next step. Such an operation side
France, can shorten the length of the mandrel, but does not produce full-floating mandrel rolling operation of the "bamboo" missing
Depression, while not affecting the rolling cycle.
Retained mandrel method of operation, in addition to rolling, mandrel movement speed is limited, the completion of the rolling mill
After mandrel towed by the card holder work start position. Obviously, this method of operation as in the rolling mandrel
Back online, while extending the cycle time. However, this method of operation must be set after rolling off the machine,
So that rolling off from the mandrel. Off pipe machine is generally 3 rack two-roll.
MPM is a multi-stand tandem rolling and extend the coefficient of up to 3.5 to 5, rolling exit velocity
Up to 5 ~ 7 garbage / s, Carbon steel elbow rolling out the length of more than 20 garbage, the annual output of 60 × 104t or higher. Gold
Is mainly in the long mandrel longitudinal rolling deformation, so Carbon steel elbow surface quality is better. MPM
Pipe machine hole type, more conducive to improving product wall thickness accuracy. Limit or semi-Limit mandrel mill
Pipe rolling mill has become the preferred model.
In recent years, Y-shaped three-roll rolling tube machine is characterized PQF (Pr iu mans garbage garbage mess 1it7fi nine isL-9u
 refuse nine co-i1) mill (see Figure 2-5), followed tension reducing technologies, from two to three rollers roll change, so that
Tube rolling process in the rolling deformation conditions, deformation stress distribution, mechanical, electrical load distribution, rolling wall thickness and wall thickness tolerance control, and so has two roll mill unmatched advantages. Its steady rolling process
Fixed, the pipe cross-sectional dimension can be improved, reducing the flange area cracks or scales pattern phenomenon in the rolling thin-walled tube and the high
Alloy Carbon steel elbow areas are more adaptable and economy.
2.3.2 automatic rolling production process
Carbon steel elbow group is the most widely used Carbon steel elbow rolling equipment. In the 20th century, 80
Years ago, Carbon steel elbow group is the production of Carbon steel elbow of the main unit. This pipe rolling mill in 1905
Appeared in the United States nine Vi1 Gr Mans Mans Mans Mans by the Swiss Sti f Mans a combination of test results from the majority of people,
So named Sti Mans Mans a rolling machine f. Because in this rolling machine rolling pipe, rolling over the first, the steel
Tube can automatically (using the loopback roll) from mill to mill foreground background to flip 90 ° after the first
Two rolling, so called Carbon steel elbow.
Carbon steel elbow is a double-type vertical mill, close to the main frame has a for loopback after
Carbon steel elbow in two-roll mill. Top of the head in a short capillary rolling deformation, head support mandrel, mandrel connection
In the latter thrust seat. Rolling, the plug hole in the middle of the roll, the roll with the steel to form a hole
Pipe wall thickness adapted to the annular space. General pipe passes through the two rolled into, after the first roll, the main
Lift the rack on rollers, roller loopback hole in the workpiece from the rolling mill back to the front, has raised the upper roller
Back to the working position, Carbon steel elbow is flipped 90 ° and then sent to the main hole in the rolling mill, its working schematically
The pipe rolling mill with foreground and background. Front punch sent received from capillary, and the design of the wool
Tube rolling machine forward pass and flipping Carbon steel elbow equipment. Backstage after setting plunger guide and thrust base, in a large mill's front desk head mechanized replacement and cooling facilities in small units, and more by hand
For head. Our design ∮ 76 garbage garbage spherical head pipe rolling mill, and a cooling system. Hair
Pipe roll pass into before you head onto the ball pass between the plunger end support, wool
After the tube on which ran over, head automatically fall into the circulatory system of the head cold. After cooling, the plug consists of a
Transfer mechanism to the front roller guide groove, waiting for capillary move forward and push it into the roll pass.
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