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  76 garbage garbage head tube mill uses a specification, although the two rolling mills, but only once

Less wall effect, the second rolling the first time only in the roll gap during rolling is not rolled into a nearby wall thickness requirements
Be part of the nip. Therefore, ∮ 76 garbage garbage pipe rolling mill wall volume reduction compared with the cork-shaped head is small.
The head of the cork normal shape, one end of a small diameter into the capillary when the first work, the diameter of the large end
There is a columnar body in shape. Such deformation of pipe rolling mill is relatively small, extension coefficient is generally not
Greater than 2.
Carbon steel elbow greater adaptability, can be directly rolled ∮ 76 ~ 426 garbage refuse all kinds of carbon and alloy
Carbon steel elbow. Internationally the rolling machine according to specifications basically divided into ∮ 140 (114) garbage garbage (small),
∮ 250 garbage garbage (medium) and ∮ 400 garbage garbage (large) three kinds. Automatic rolling process is inadequate
With a short head rolling, barren inner surface of poor quality (particularly easy to produce straight), thickness deviation
Larger, rolling out of the product is shorter (up to 18 garbage), not suitable tension reducing a finished product. In order to change
Shortage of good quality and thickness deviation of the tube surface, so the Carbon steel elbow has two sets were behind the whole
Machine, the machine with both improved surface quality and improve the thickness deviation (especially symmetry uneven thickness).
Due to the deformation of the whole are very small, so the length of the tube shortage essentially the same, only slightly larger in diameter,
Therefore, all machine equipment lighter, smaller capacity motor, the structure is relatively simple, basically a
Taiwan lengthened front of two roll rotary piercing machines, but rolls and head shape is different rolls
Head of the central and rear cylinders are so many times were rolling surface of the tube wall to improve the quality of waste
Volume and thickness uniformity.
Carbon steel elbow roll groove with hole-and porous type of points, single-hole type rolling mill enables reception Jane
Technology, easy to set up the head mechanized units, racks light, and more importantly, increase the wall thickness accuracy. Design and manufacture of single-hole type ∮ 100 garbage garbage Carbon steel elbow has reached the desired effect. Porous roll
Roll change can be reduced in frequency and slot for rolling to increase the production capacity of the unit. ∮ 76 garbage refuse,
∮ 140 garbage garbage, ∮ 400 garbage garbage crew are porous roll.
2.3.3 rolling disc production technology and precision rolling
1920s, the United States Babcock - Virgin Cox Carbon steel elbow Company  in improving the rotary piercing process, S. Diesel (S indiscriminate garbage Di Mans scL Mans r) proposed
High-speed rotation of the large lead plate for Oblique Rolling machine. In 1932, Babcock - Virgin Cox Carbon steel elbow
Company Bifufusi (B Mans Mans rF chaos chaos V 1s) plant built by Diesel envisaged world's first cross rolling
Extension machine, called Diesel rolling machine.
Diesel pipe rolling mill structure is basically the usual two-roll cross-rolling machine, except that the fixed
The upper and lower guide plates to drive rotation of the large disk, shown in Figure 2-7. Hair extension tube, inside the capillary
Wear long operated at full floating mandrel. Large disk edge surface velocity greater than the forward speed of rolling, so
Can be rolled thin capillary and the inner and outer surfaces and decreasing calendering thickness deviation, the thickness deviation may Zuidas (2%
5%). Waste pipe wall thickness deviation is small, this is the high precision rolling machine main features. But at the same time, it
There diagonal rolling Carbon steel elbow same problem that extends longitudinally (Carbon steel elbow longitudinal direction) is significantly smaller than the lateral extension
(Radial direction), you need to solve the control and limit the diameter direction of deformation and to promote and strengthen the longitudinal direction
Deformation. 20 In the early 1980s, the United States Etna Standard Engineering Company (A Mans t nine nine three chaos chaos chaos r3E St nine co-i-
Nine Mans Mans ri nine co-CO.) Diesel pipe rolling mill will be replaced by a structure similar to the form of cone piercing mill, increasing
Plus roll grinding roll angle and roll up the length of the full-floating mandrel mandrel operator to limit operation
Work, called precision rolling machine (AccuRO1). The rack and pipe rolling mill main drive system with conical
Piercing mill is basically the same, but the roller cone piercing mill faster than high speed. Cone piercing mill with the top
Head, precision rolling machine with a long mandrel, both before and after the device structure is different. Precision tube mill increase reception
Set up a huge stopper mandrel, cooling, coating (lubrication), the pre-worn device and capillary mandrel,
Mandrel centering device, the background is simplified to retain only the capillary centering device. Precision tube mill advantages:
① Product quality is good. The product, the outer surface quality, dimensional tolerances better than Carbon steel elbow groups,
Pipe Mill, pipe jacking unit, Pilger pipe mill, wall thickness tolerances can be Dashi (3% to 5%).
② diameter, thickness ratio is large (D / S up to 35), can produce large diameter thin-walled tube.
③ less production processes, and automatic rolling average compared to omit the entire process, reheating step can be omitted
Directly into the stretch reducing process.
④ deformation conditions, and can be difficult to rolling deformation (low plasticity) high alloy material Carbon steel elbow.
⑤ can be rolled tube length increased. Such as Carbon steel elbow100 unit can be rolled tube length of only
8 garbage, and AR100 unit can be rolled tube length 16 garbage.
⑥ finished product rate. Because the rolled Carbon steel elbow high quality, dimensional accuracy, so the scrap rate. The automatic rolling
Rolling pipe mill with a short head, the inner and outer surfaces are easy bruising, grinding capacity, waste, defective rate.
⑦ mandrel length short (Limit), manufacturing, storage and maintenance for rolling large diameter thin-walled
Tube to create the conditions.
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