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    In calculating the Carbon steel elbow wall thickness and the frame speed, are required to first select the tension coefficient Z. Tensile Force and the average tension coefficient and wall thickness, the tension is the same thick-walled tube tensile stress and tension coefficients Small. Single-frame reducing the larger the more the number of the rack, reduced diameter tube is greater than the diameter of the wall, the unit can provide Greater tension coefficient. Set (minus) diameter single rack reducing machine smaller, fewer racks, use the maximum Tension coefficient of less than 0.5. (3) Stretch Reducing Mill. To improve pipe mill production efficiency and yield, after the rolling machine with Preparation stretch reducing mill. Thus, the rolling machine requires only rolled out several waste pipe diameter through stretch reducing mill Can produce a variety of different diameter and wall thickness of the finished Carbon steel elbow, the pipe rolling mill rolling single mother pipe , Thereby reducing the Carbon steel elbow and the mandrel quantity specifications. Stretch reducing mill also in the role of non-mandrel rolling Manufacturing process, with two roll stretch reducing mill compared to three rolls of stretch reducing mill rolls and the rolling surface is relatively smooth Move, wear small; deformation rate, can reduce the distortion power; roll diameter is small, shortening between the rack Distance; single-reducing capacity, can achieve a greater amount of tension and reduce the wall.

    Tension reducing rolling, Carbon steel elbow wall of the middle part of the role of being pulled under tension thin (thinning), Head and tail ends of the wall or under tension due to less tension different (small to large), there thickening Thinning or thickening of the transition to the wall. Therefore, you must cut Carbon steel elbow two (head) end wall thickening and transition Thick section. Therefore, stretch reducing mill can only be configured on a long rolling pipe mill waste pipe in order to reduce Cutting head loss rate. However, if the use of stretch reducing mill limit pipe end thickening electronic control technology, increasing the pipe ends The length of the thickness can be reduced by about 1/3. Three-roll stretch reducing mill drive with inner and outer drive in two ways, using internal transmission structure majority. Transmission within the stretch reducing mill, each rack is provided with two pairs of bevel gears, simplifying the base of the knot Institutions, but to a certain extent, affected the rack space narrowing. External drive is a two-position stand, rack spacing Small, load, also reduces the length of the pipe end thickening. Reducing the maximum rate and the maximum rate of reduction wall stretch reducing mill's two main arguments. Reducing the maximum rate and the maximum rate of reduction under the conditions of the wall, with the most thin-walled tubes produce a shortage thinnest wall thickness Carbon steel elbow, Commonly known as the station stretch reducing mill specification limits.

    Tension reducing unit logarithm of reducing the total amount of up to 90%, the number of single-frame for reducing the amount of up to 12% (up 17%). In order to improve the quality of the reduced diameter tube, Reducing the number of single-frame right amount is often limited to 7% to 9% range. Main rack single rack logarithm of reducing the amount of Usually 6% to 12%. Import and export of stretch reducing mill production capacity determined by the speed. Currently stretch reducing mill exit velocity Up to 18 garbage / s, inlet velocity were 1 to 3 garbage / s. Tension coefficient Z is a maximum allowable value Generally fluctuated between 0.65 to 0.84, the rolling temperature is high, take the lower limit.

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