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更新日期:2013-09-26  浏览:1598

To project failed deal, announced its Australia hanlong group with only the distance of a statement.

On April 3, the national development bank reply to our newspaper reporter from interview, confirm to hanlong promised more than $1 billion of loans last year "did not enter the loan approval stage".

On the same day is to Australia listed company hanlong group sundance resources (SundanceResourcesLimited) proved that has the ability to complete the acquisition of the latter's wholly owned a deadline, most of the purchase funds from the loan. By our reporter went to press, the Australian securities exchange (ASX) did not receive any statement from sanders, suggests that both sides completed mergers may have very slim.

Comprehensive local media reports, sanders company will very likely this week end with hanlong group of the merger agreement, and directly negotiate with other investors to promote Africa jose parana iron ore project.

In fact, since March 22, the xinhua news agency confirmed Liu Hanzheng under police investigation, saunders has stepped up efforts to interview with a third party, in order to find a partner as soon as possible.

And according to local media reports, flange Africa jose parana iron ore project enterprise is likely to be from China. The wuhan iron and steel group and hebei iron and steel group after negotiation with sanders, regarded as the best replacement for a short period of time. But by the time, our reporter not from hebei iron and steel group and wuhan iron and steel group, confirmed.

CDB confirm back off

On April 1, our reporter learned from sichuan bankers, because Liu Han, surveyed the CDB to hanlong promised $1.022 billion of loans early this year has been revoked.

In late October last year, CDB to make loans to hanlong pledge, are willing to offer hanlong said 1.022 billion dollars in loans, for the full ownership of the latter for Australian sanders company acquisitions.

On April 3, reply to our reporter from the information office of CDB, said the loan project did not enter the loan review stage. CDB, stressed that it is a loan does not attend because previous pledge only show that lending cooperation intention, and the loan project "does not yet have our bank loan review conditions".

Similarly, a day after gm molybdenum (GeneralMoly) reply for our reporter from the public relations department also admitted that CDB has also suspended its loan commitments, and said it would seek other sources of funding. Hanlong is the single largest shareholder general molybdenum, last year the CDB to hanlong promised $1.022 billion takeover of sanders at the same time, also promised general molybdenum and a $665 million loan. This from the side, the CDB and hanlong loan relationships has stepped into the ice age.

According to the announcement, hanlong as early as last year to its report respectively from CDB and everbright bank confirmed that $1.022 billion and $438 million in loans, a total of $1.46 billion. Both sides agree, the money will be used to buy sanders of all their assets.

Hanlong group was originally scheduled for March 26 before submit a credit file to sanders, prove that get enough financial support to complete the acquisition of the latter. In hanlong admitted that cannot submit, sanders, in accordance with the local securities trading rules will be extended to April 3, the final result.

On March 26, according to the statement, if has not been as of April 3, proof of hanlong, sanders will have the right to unilaterally terminate the previously obtained periodic consensus through consultation. And, according to several local media sanders is high possibility that the choice to exercise this right. Hanlong, once rejected purchase qualifications, not only will lose the opportunity to acquire sanders, will also lose jose parana iron ore projects in Africa.

Wisco, river steel or to step in

Hanlong completed acquisition may gradually disappear at the same time, wuhan iron and steel and two large state-owned enterprises and hebei iron and steel surface.

According to several media reports, including Reuters, after the investigation that Liu Han, sanders on the performance of hanlong may is not very optimistic, so soon started to contact with the third party, for it has the African jose of iron ore projects looking for new investors.

Jose parana iron ore projects, mainly in Africa and the democratic republic of Congo, Cameroon iron ore reserves and variety is now among the world's highest. Sanders estimated that the project can produce 35 million tons of iron ore, long-term reserves of 200 million tons, can be at least 25 years.

The Australian financial review reported Wednesday, according to a recent sanders had contact several had held talks, the wuhan iron and steel and hebei iron and steel in which two Chinese companies.

The emergence of the two large state-owned iron and steel group is not abrupt. February 7, sanders announcement, said China's development and reform commission in allowing hanlong when saunders of extended, put forward the conditions: hanlong must find a enough ability development with jose parana iron ore projects of state-owned enterprises.

In 2011 after the decision to buy sanders, hanlong mining jose found myself barak capital demand for iron ore is very large, said it will seek partners to jointly develop. Sanders is expected to fully develop the required funds will be more than billions dollars.

As early as 2007, wisco group began tracking jose parana iron ore projects, but sanders got the project-host country government approval, the following control. Earlier this year from wuhan again or are expected to cooperate with hanlong the project development.

And after confirm receive the project, sanders also had to come to China in August 2010 to visit hebei iron and steel group, jose barak said would like to cooperate iron ore projects and hebei iron and steel.

Our reporter tried to wisco group and hebei iron and steel group international trade company for overseas clarified to failed to get a reply before deadline. Hebei iron and steel group's listed companies, according to the securities division is still don't know this arrangement.


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