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更新日期:2013-10-10  浏览:1729


Economic downturn "steel" started this respect plagued by overcapacity in the steel industry, the current tough time. Recently, Sha Steel chairman Shen Wenrong complain, "selling a ton of steel, the profit is less than a small Pork" sufficient profits repeat itself imagine the steel industry is currently low.
In fact, the current status of the steel industry is even more difficult than in 2008,when there are 50 yuan per ton of steel profits in the first half, profit of 6.8 yuan per ton of steel, to July, this data becomes 1.68 yuan. This is the China Steel Association Vice President Wang Qi data provided.
In the context of so bad, only to clarify the dilemma caused by the steel industry is now reason to find the Chinese steel industry out of the winter approaches, it should be said that China's steel industry is the most significant features of two things: First, the number of excess capacity , the second is the quality of the texture is not high. On the high inventory, this past decade's rapid economic growth, especially in hot real estate market, steel production capacity in a large area around the horse closely related. Only the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, steel production increased compared to the previous five-year 275 million tons, an increase of 80 percent from2010, accounted for 44% of global steel production. Especially investment to maintain growth in 2008 after restart, set off a wave around is hot steel projects.According to NDRC defined, crude steel overcapacity more than 160 million tons.
Such massive overcapacity, combined with increased loss in the first half of the environment, China's crude steel output rise, not fall. To be completed before the end of this year there are 58 blast furnace, new capacity will be 84.4 million tons.Coupled with the "kiss" growth continued, there are indications that the steel industry is caught in capacity paradox: the already excessive but still expanding.Overcapacity is just superficial, deep-seated reason is irrational industrial structure, mode of development behind, excessive disorderly expansion. Therefore, an irreversible trend in the economy, short-term economic hard bottomed out on the occasion, only to reverse the iron and steel industrial structure, improve special steel, stainless steel, the proportion of high-margin products, lower crude steel, ordinary steel production capacity, is the steel industry. " self-help "approach. The way out is to go to the next inevitable capacity to leverage and accelerate industrial upgrading, the excess, the homogeneity of the low-end to high-end steel products, upgrades, and guide the industry chain orderly and healthy development, and improve industry concentration 16mn seamless professional sales carbon steel seamless pipe, 16mn alloy carbon steel seamless pipe / 16mn Rectangular Pipe, 16mn 16mn steel bar
Plate presentation    16Mn low alloy high strength structural steel: carbon content of 0.1% -0.25%, adding the main alloying elements manganese, silicon, vanadium, niobium and titanium; its total alloy containing <3%. Intensity divided by 300, 350, 400 and 450MPa other four levels.Mainly Q295, Q345, Q390, Q420, Q460. "Q" is the yield of the "framed" Hanyu Pinyin large writing head, followed by numbers for grades minimum yield point (σs) and subsequently symbols are in accordance with the steel impurities (sulfur, phosphorus) content from high to and accompanied by low carbon, manganese changes into A, B, C, D four and so on. Where A, B grade steel usually called 16Mn.  
carbon steel seamless pipe introduction
   16Mn of seamless carbon steel seamless pipe in one material. Seamless carbon steel seamless pipe past way of talking. The law now says: Q345Bseamless carbon steel seamless pipe, similar to this material for the Q345C, Q345D, Q345E, quality grade symbol A   B   C   D   E   Denote the impact test is not required   Impact test temperature of +20 °   0 degrees   -20 Degrees   40 degrees   
   ABCD represents quality level   Q235 quality grade is divided into A, B, C, D four, from A to D represents quality from low to high.Different quality level requirements are as follows:   A - provided S, P, C, Mn, Si chemical composition and fu, fy, δ5 (δ10), 1800 according to the buyer needs to provide cold bend test, but no impact energy requirements, carbon content and manganese content is not as delivery conditions.   B - provided S, P, C, Mn, Si chemical composition and fu, fy, δ5 (δ10), Cold 180 'tests. Also provides +200 C Ak ≥ 27J impact energy   C - In addition to the same requirements as Class B, but also provides 00C impact energy Ak ≥ 27J.   D ---- except as with Class B requirements, but also providestime-200C Ak ≥ 27J impact energy   E - In addition to the same requirements as Class B, but also provides time-400C impact energy Ak ≥ 27J.   
Process tube - Inspection - Skinning - Inspection - Heating - piercing - pickling - grinding - dry lubricant - welding head - drawing - solution treatment - pickling - pickling passivation - test - cold - to oil - cut - dry - in polish   - Polished outside - test - identification - product packaging  
16Mn seamless carbon steel seamless pipe chemistry description: Hot rolled or normalized
   16Mn seamless carbon steel seamless pipe and 16MnR, 19Mng merged into Q345R. Q345R is an ordinary low-alloy steel, boiler and pressure vessel steel used is the delivery status of: hot rolled or normalized, is a low alloy steel containing Mn content is low. Performance and 20G(412-540) approximation, tensile strength (450-655) slightly stronger elongation of 19-21%, compared with 24 per cent greater than 20G poor.Q345R process reference standard GB713-2008.   
   16Mn seamless carbon steel seamless pipe is an ordinary low-alloy steel, boiler and pressure vessel is commonly used in steel, hot-rolled or normalized. Is a low alloy steel containing Mn content is low. Performance and 20G (412-540) approximation, tensile strength (450-655) slightly stronger elongation of 19-21%, compared with 24 per cent greater than 20G poor.   
   16Mn seamless carbon steel seamless pipe is the yield strength of 340MPa grade pressure vessel dedicated board, it has good mechanical properties and process performance. Phosphorus, sulfur content lower than ordinary 16Mn steel, in addition to tensile strength, elongation requirements than ordinary 16Mn steel has increased, but also requires guaranteed impact toughness. It is currently the most widely used of the largest amount of pressure window dedicated plate.  
Seamless carbon steel seamless pipe perform standard introduction:
   carbon steel seamless pipe is sub-drawing and hot rolling.   
   A fluid space seam carbon steel seamless pipe: GB8163-2008   
   2, boiler seamless carbon steel seamless pipe: GB3087-   2008   
   3, high-pressure boiler seamless pipe: GB5310-2008 (ST45.8-Ⅲ type)   
   4, fertilizer equipment, high pressure seamless carbon steel seamless pipe: GB6479-1999   
   5, geological drilling seamless carbon st eel seamless pipe: YB235-70   
Various alloy tube 16Mn, 27SiMn, 15CrMo, 35CrMo, 12CrMov, 20G, 40Cr, 12Cr1MoV, 15CrMo carbon steel seamless pipe according to different production processes into seamless carbon steel seamless pipe and welded carbon steel seamless pipe categories. Seamless carbon steel seamless pipe is made ingot, billet or bar made of perforated seamless carbon steel seamless pipe.   

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