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Ordinary steel pipe specifications and the difference of the spiral welded pipe 2013-08-29
Carbon steel elbow sawing process cutting step is produced in the rolling head 2013-07-29
Carbon steel elbow straightening machine can be mechanical stress and helical roller straightening s 2013-07-29
pull chain with a claw stuck rod expander head through Carbon steel elbow length 2013-07-29
you must cut Carbon steel elbow two (head) end wall thickening and transition Thick section 2013-07-29
When the choice of a certain pass design micro-tension values to control Carbon steel elbow rolling 2013-07-29
Therefore, a special cooling bed must be uniformly cooled Carbon steel elbow 2013-07-25
the roll can produce different Specifications of Carbon steel elbow 2013-07-25
Carbon steel elbow roll groove with hole-and porous type of points 2013-07-25
Carbon steel elbow group is the most widely used Carbon steel elbow rolling equipment 2013-07-25
Waste pipe production is rolled Carbon steel elbow production processes is one of the important defo 2013-07-25
1973 in a SSAW steel pipe plant installation, commissioning and perforation Tests 2013-07-19
SSAW steel pipe group two roll rotary piercing machine without mandrel loop delivery system 2013-07-19
Generally need to be SSAW steel pipe surface car to go from 0.5 to 1.5 garbage garbage 2013-07-19
Diameter of 153 ~ 430 garbage garbage round SSAW steel pipe 2013-07-19
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 Product Name
API 5CT Casing Pipe
Casing is a large-diameter pipe that serves as the structural retainer for the walls of oi
API 5CT Tubing Pipe
Tubing is pipe used for the transportation of crude oil and natural gas from an oil o
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