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Analysis of Safety and economy of the selection of steel pipe

更新日期:2013-06-13  浏览:1476

Structure types of steel pipe used in practical projects, oil and gas pipeline in addition to the introduction ones, there are other forms of various structure of the pipe to meet a variety of different conditions, especially the special working condition. In the engineering design or selection, strength grade of pipe is higher, the safety is higherer, but the engineering cost is larger, cause unnecessary waste.

Considering the economic benefits, to meet the requirements of engineering design at the same time and as much as possible to reduce costs, it is often easy to result the pipe generally appear a few amount with more varieties, which is disadvantageous to the construction site material management, regulation and design changes require material generation etc.. Therefore, the selection of pipe should be comprehensive, safety and economy, as far as possible to reduce the pipe varieties suitable. thermal expansion pipe In addition, the site construction conditions, construction level, procurement cycle etc, pipe fittings, all of which also should be taken seriously in the selection of pipe fittings. Under the specific circumstances, it should also consider the possibility of strengthening pipe joints, miter bend and small caliber pipe bending of the scene.

At the same time, iron and steel materials for fitting production factory production capacity and product, the understanding of market supply situation is necessary.

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