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carbon steel elbow has four layers

更新日期:2013-07-13  浏览:1503


    A pipeline corrosion and be forced to close or even shutdown often happen, using carbon steel elbow repair technology can solve this problem, the method is setting carbon  steel elbow to the old pipes. Carbon steel elbow repair technology can not only reduce the cost, but also reduce the damage to the environment.
carbon steel elbow has four layers, the inner layer is extruded thermoplastic pipe, sealing effect in the transmission of liquid; the middle of the two layers of lining is polyethylene filled carbon tube, it has the ability to resist the long-term UV radiation, and removal of the external static. The outermost layer is thick outer shroud extruded tube, used to protect the bottom without external influence. Pressure rating standards applicable to carbon steel elbow is according to ANSI classification, such as level 300 is equivalent to 5.15MPa; level 400 is equivalent to 6.89MPa level equivalent to 600 of 10.3MPa.
    Design of the carbon steel elbow is API17J, 17K and RP17B. Onshore design standard used by carbon steel elbow deviate slightly from the requirement of the API standard, using API17J classification method and material, the pressure, tension and failure limit is within the specified range. Tests were carried out in accordance with the requirements of APIRP17B. Design of terminal fittings is to let it be able to meet the maintenance of structural integrity, the molding and sealing requirements to ensure that internal, extrusion, and to ensure that the tension and pressure load is transferred to the tube structure.
    Diameter of Canada for 6in pipeline, a length of 2km,was shut down due to corrosion problems. The pipe line go through 5 ~ 6 home owners of the land area, the application to build a new pipeline is especially difficult, therefore, people decided to repair the pipeline. The repair method is using flexible steel to the old pipe, so it does not need to apply for the purchase of new pipe, greatly saving costs, and reduce the damage to the environment. The repair pipeline is used for liquid carbon dioxide which is transported to the injection well, to increase oil production. On the way to the wellhead place there is 20- 90 ° bend and a highway crossing. The pipe into the job after pigging work, removal of obstacles
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