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SSAW steel pipe group two roll rotary piercing machine without mandrel loop delivery system

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  Fly SSAW steel pipe heating technology

Our SSAW steel pipe furnace started (1950s) are built with sloping bottom furnace,
Manual stacker, temperature expressed by the instrument, manual adjustments. After the 1960s, gradually began to adopt the ring
Shaped furnace, temperature control instrumentation control gradually from the development of single-chip control, computer control,
Until the 1990s the computer control.
Extruded pipe mill production is low, small diameter SSAW steel pipe heated by induction heating furnace to reduce iron oxide
Production; high yield, large diameter SSAW steel pipe is first in the annular furnace preheated to 800 ℃, and then use
Induction furnace heated to continue extrusion temperature. Big top tube ingot heating chamber furnace used (similar to
Forging furnace).
Secondary perforation before reheating furnace using stepper furnace; cup preform reheating furnace hearth furnace using oblique
Or disc furnace; extruded tube machine before reheating furnace induction furnace (to reduce the oxide scale
2.2.2 rotary piercing process
(A) rotary piercing. 1883 to 1892 between the German Mannesmann had been approved patents,
Most of which involve punching machine roll shape and arrangement. The first is a three-roll cross rolling mill, were later
Is a two-roll cross rolling mill. After years of research and improvement, to 1891 Mannesmann brothers invented cycle
Type when perforated pipe rolling mill steel ingot, it will determine the shape of roll down. Which is characterized by the guide rolls, perforated, grinding mill, reducing and sizing composition. Perforation and grinding mill in a very short period between two columnar section, the guide
And guard for the guide rollers. This roll shape until the mid-1950s, according to Carl Moss Act
(AHC chaos a garbage Mans s) completed cycle extension pipe mill machines are still used. This roller-shaped perforation
Machine known as the "Man-style punch."
Now commonly used in two-roll cross-rolling machine, Stephen Havre (RCSti Mans f Mans 1) completed in 1905
Into SSAW steel pipe used in the group. Roll consists of two cones made of large diameter butt, that barrel
Rollers, guide and guard for the guide. In German literature called Christi Havre (Sti Mans f Mans 1) punching machine, ie
What we are talking rotary piercing machine. Two kinds of skew rolling similarities and differences between two piercing mill shown in Figure 2-1.
Figure 2-1 Mannesmann piercing with piercing Christi Havre
1-SSAW steel pipe; 2 - head; 3 - roll; 4 - guide rollers; 5 - guide plate; 6 - Head mandrel assembly
Two-roll piercing mill roll axis of the two vertical planes parallel to each other, and with the rolling line
Vertical plane constituted 5 ° ~ 12 ° (up to 17 °) of the angle, called the roll angle or feed angle.
As the roll axis and the rolling angle to a line, the forward movement of the spiral rolling to obtain, through the variable
Shaped compressed moving processes are compressed and deformed in the roll, the head and the guide plate (guide rollers) form an annular space
Completed between the piercing process.
Puncher from the main frame, rollers, main drive, foreground and background components. Front desk troughs
And a pusher device, backstage support and centering device with ejector. Modern perforator to improve production
Rate, the completion of a capillary plunger perforation after being pulled together with capillary rolling line, from wool tube
After extraction, into the circulatory delivery system after cooling from the other side into the rolling line, start another work cycle.
In order to meet the production of different specifications, materials capillary, piercing machine should meet the following requirements:
① two rollers rotate in the same direction, and a greater range of adjustment.
② roll adjustable angle, and has reliable fixing means to ensure that in the course of inclination
③ symmetrical roll rolling line, can be easily and flexibly adjust the roll spacing.
④ guide (guide rollers), and to be able to adjust the position of the head, and fixed.
⑤ have a reliable back-devices to ensure that the output capillary easily.
SSAW steel pipe group two roll rotary piercing machine without mandrel loop delivery system. Fixed ejector
Thrust bearing, in the perforation, the jack from the thrust bearing support, so that the head is perforated working position.
A capillary tube rolling after completing the thrust bearing of the mandrel is withdrawn from the capillary, the capillary was pulled after rolling line,
Ejector thrust bearing to the working position and then, the next root hair tube perforation. Ejector and head knot
Together in two ways, one is connected to the head screwed plunger tip, the head due to wear or replace the product
Specifications and replacement, be replaced together with the ejector; Another way is placed on the head by the artificial hole punch
Throat at the lower guide plate, ejector seat to the working position by the thrust, when SSAW steel pipe roll bite is fashionable, top
Top tip ejector head falls, complete perforation a capillary, the head falls under the guide plate, by man
Workers replaced the head, thrust bearing mandrel pulled by a capillary.
Puncher's rack has two structures. One is the roll and bearing mounted in two drum, transfer
Activity feed drum adjustable angle, in a horizontal configuration of the perforator roll, drum disposed on both sides of the pass line
Arch inside; Another is arranged in vertical perforated roll machine, drum arranged in four vertical rack
Between columns, above and below the pass line. Before a form of punch when changing rolls, open rack
Cover, one by one with a crane hanging out roll. The latter puncher roll change, the first roll on roll situated next
Roller, rack cover is opened, once hung out with a crane. Another is our ∮ 76 garbage garbage puncher,
Simple frame structure, arranged in chocks within the window arch, the arch on the two different sizes
Window set feed horns. Gaskets to adjust the feed angle, the actual operation, do not adjust the feed angle.
Punch rack is equipped with guide and guard, guide and guard the roll constitute almost in a closed space, called
The "hole", which rolled through. Guide and guard, there are two, one is the guide plate, which is the most widely
With a; other is a guide disc, the guide disc roll diameter is about 2 times the diameter, the edge surface velocity
Greater than capillary rolling out speed. Equipped with a feed guide plate punching machine efficiency up to 90%. And with guides
Perforator machine feed efficiency is about 80%.
Diesel (S indiscriminate garbage Di Mans scL Mans r) in the 1920s in the study improved rotary piercing process
, The proposed high-speed rotary guide plate Oblique Rolling machine theory, and in 1932 in the United States
B ◇ W Company B Mans Mans rF r chaos chaos 1s mills put into operation its first Diesel rolling machine. The main
Is characterized by using a large guide disc drive, when a large punch guide disc is used, the roll is still Christi Havre type perforator roll barrel, it is this kind of punch called "Diesel punch machine" .
Cone piercing mill process is 1899 by Stephenie Havre (RCSti Mans f Mans 1) propose, first
For the United States. The perforator roll surface speed and the metal during piercing increases the flow rate of
Consistent, which can reduce the shear stress on the capillary, with low energy consumption, capillary inner and outer surface light
Clean, uniform thickness, can be rolled deformed steel, alloy steel and refractory etc.. But the old-fashioned tapered roller perforation
Machine, roll a cantilever structure, feeding angle is not adjustable, so do not get development and application. To
20 In the early 1970s, the Soviet Union in 1971, to change a single support (cantilever) for the dual structure of the support roll after he
Revived in the Soviet Union has made three sets. After Japan's Sumitomo Corporation has conducted some research, Shen
Please apply for a patent and a half of its ∮ 114 garbage garbage Limit Pipe Mill, from fame, is recognized as
A perforator more advantages.
Conical piercing mill in the structure with the general two-roll piercing mill the same, but in the same direction by two rolls
The truncated cone form. Rolls for rolling wire feeding angle of inclination angle in addition, there are grinding roll angle as shown in Figure 2-2
Shown. Tapered roller punching machine can be equipped with guides or guide disc.
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