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the roll can produce different Specifications of Carbon steel elbow

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The three-roll rolling mill production process and joint wear
Three rollers (Accel) pipe rolling mill is an American Accel (W. a. Ass Mans 1) invented in 1932
, It consists of three rolls by 120 ° about the center line of the rolling arrangement, roll waist steps, wall rolling
Thin mainly occurred here. Roll angle adjustment addition to feeding, there are grinding roll angle. For the production of high-precision
Degree of size, for the manufacture of ball bearings to apply Carbon steel elbow. Works shown in Figure 2-8 (chaos), the three-roll
Rolling features are:
① By eliminating the guide device, thereby reducing friction, also will reduce energy consumption
② Adjust convenient, flexible, on the same device without replacing the roll can produce different
Specifications of Carbon steel elbow (outer diameter refuse refuse ∮ 50 ~ 250), in particular for the production of the longitudinal sectional cycle Carbon steel elbow.
③ rolling deformation process in which the stress state is good, three stress state is conducive to metal plastic
Deformation, high rolling precision, Carbon steel elbow, the outer surface quality, uniform thickness, generally in diameter tolerance
± 5%, the wall thickness tolerance of ± △ S (3% to 5%) or less. ⑤ suitable for production of high precision and machining of blanks, such as bearing Carbon steel elbow, structural steel machinery industry
However, in the production of outside diameter to wall thickness ratio greater than 10 to 12 Carbon steel elbow occurs when Carbon steel elbow end
Triangle phenomenon known as "bell." 1963 British Carbon steel elbow Investment Corporation (TuL nine V Mans Mans I st-
Refuse Mans nine ts) and the French company Vallourec lux (V chaos 1Our Mans cSA.) Cooperation in the development of improved Assel
Machine, called Te Langsi Val (Tr chaos nine sV chaos 1) pipe rolling mill, which is characterized as Carbon steel elbow rolling process nears
End, hydraulically driven rolling machine non-drive side of the arch turning an angle, reducing the feed horn, expanding
Large pore throats, thereby reducing the amount of reduced wall; Meanwhile, roll speed slows down to avoid Carbon steel elbow ends appear
Trumpet-shaped "tail triangle." In later designs added roll with opening device, that arch rotation
At the same time, the roll speed in the rolling line as the center in radial movement. Practice has proved that the latter method than in the previous
A good idea, so that after the transformation, rolling machine can produce Carbon steel elbow diameter and wall thickness ratio increased from 4 to 12
20, the thin wall can be rolled Carbon steel elbow. However, these measures are still difficult to control the cutting head length. 20th Century
Early 90s, rolling machine to restore the original structure, but the addition of a set of rack called before
NEL (NOE nine 3LOss without cutting head loss) means a small rack. When the capillary tube rolling machine reaches the end
Before this small rack to roll thin, through the main frame is no longer grind rolling in order to achieve the above-mentioned "corner"
And "fast start" effect.
Assel rolling mandrel tube machine use long, so rolling machine manipulation device mandrel and the mandrel with a circulating cooling lubrication facilities. Mandrel with full floating, semi-floating and rollback three modes of operations, according to the product wall
Thick mandrel using different methods of operation. Full floating for rolling D / S = 4 ~ 12 of Carbon steel elbow, back
Type is suitable for rolling back D / S = 2.5 ~ 8 thick-walled tube. According to product specification range selection unit
Mode of operation, in order to configure the secondary device. Telang Si Val pipe rolling machines are operating with full floating front desk
Equipment is relatively simple.
Three-roll mill joint wear refers to a three-roll mill with a diagonal pass to get inside and outside surface quality
Volume and dimensional accuracy are qualified hot-rolled finished tube, that is, in one pass to complete is usually rolled into production
QC require perforation, rolling, three processes are complete, features: modular tool hole. Three
Joint wear roller mill deformation zone can be divided into sections biting, piercing section, expanded diameter sections, rolling pipe sections are few whole
Parts "Figure 2-8 (L)"; same time, using rapid roll back technology and fast axial outlet pipe


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