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Therefore, a special cooling bed must be uniformly cooled Carbon steel elbow

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  Hot-rolled finished pipe production process

Hot-rolled finished pipe production is the production of hot-rolled Carbon steel elbow flow deformation process of the last one. Rolled into
QC process can be divided into heat set (minus) diameter and the diameter of thermal expansion of the two processes. This process can be compared with the diameter
Large and has reached the finished Carbon steel elbow wall thickness and accuracy requirements and the waste pipe set (minus, expanding) to the finished tube diameter
Desired diameter.
Carbon steel elbow in the heat setting (less) diameter required for temperature control of the heating furnace are usually manually turn
Feeding (tube) is inclined hearth furnace, walking beam furnace.
Sizing process is the essence of a diameter slightly larger than the finished pipe reducing waste pipe accurately to the finished tube
The thermal state of the dimension, or for the production of smaller diameter Carbon steel elbow having a diameter larger diameter reduction mother pipe accurately
Finished tube into small diameter thermal state size. Later, pipe mill to improve production efficiency, reduce
Replace the entire pipe mill tool time and tool die consumption, the former process (capillary and waste pipe)
Large quantities of the same diameter tissue, different thick-walled tube and the waste production, and in this last step of this kind of mother pipe
Reducing into different finished pipe. Sizing and reducing substance are reducing, differing only in reducing the amount of
Expanding process is to produce than the capillary tube and the shortage of larger diameter of the finished Carbon steel elbow.
General pipe mill (except precision pipe mill, etc.) in the fixed (minus) diameter, or expansion of the machine are located before
There are Carbon steel elbow reheating furnace so that the rolling temperature has decreased after the Carbon steel elbow is heated again to the heat given
(Minus) diameter or expanding the desired temperature.
Heat setting, reducing or after the step of hot expanding, Carbon steel elbow generally at about 800 ℃ high-temperature state, to cool
To room temperature. If the cooling process properly, Carbon steel elbow will produce bending. To ensure the quality of Carbon steel elbow,
Therefore, a special cooling bed must be uniformly cooled Carbon steel elbow. 2.4 Fly heat setting (minus) Drive technology and equipment
(1) fixed (minus) diameter production process. Heat setting (minus) diameter machine according to their structure is divided into two and roll
Three-roll, are composed of multiple-rack, shown in Figure 2-9. Sizing (with Micro tension) unit usually consists of
3 ~ 14 rack. Greatly reduced the amount of time when you need to track, namely reducing mill and stretch reducing mill (referred Less
Mill), as many as 24 to 28 racks. Set (minus) diameter generally use two roller, micro tension sizing mill and
Stretch reducing mill to use more three-roll.
Figure 2-9 set (minus) Mill schematically
In order to ensure heat setting (minus) diameter Carbon steel elbow after the precision geometry and mechanical properties, Carbon steel elbow fixed
(Minus) diameter steel depending on the temperature before and rack number, generally is (950 ~ 980) ℃ ± 10 ℃; given
(Minus) Mill outlet temperature is generally 830 ~ 900 ℃. Set (minus) diameter pipe in front of shortage, need to remove
In the process of transporting and re-heating the resulting iron oxide (descaling), to ensure heat setting (minus) diameter after
Carbon steel elbow surface quality. High-pressure water descaling pressure, generally carbon steel using 15 ~ 16MP chaos, alloy
Steel To 18MP chaos above, to ensure that the descaling effect, the general 20MP chaos. High pressure water descaling for Carbon steel elbow
Resulting temperature drop controls about 10 ℃.
Set (minus) the amount is a fixed size (minus) diameter important process parameters. Sizing Machine largest single rack reducing
Up to 3.5% of the total amount of reduced diameter of not more than 35% is appropriate, or wall thickening and accuracy will be difficult to control
The system. When tension reducing process, the amount of a single frame of reduced diameter up to 17%, usually 6% to
12%, while reducing the total amount of up to 90%. Two roll set (minus) Mill adjacent rack and roll axis generally perpendicular with the ground 45 °. Machine
Frame structure from the early development of the overall chip rack cage structure, improved chassis rigidity. Has grown
To the fourth generation of rolling tube machine similar to a fast roll changing device, the structure of the DC drive alone. Such
Drive unit is fixed in the form of a simple structure, easy processing pass, and in the production of the roll gap can be adjusted to
Change pass parameters can compensate for uneven wear of hole, a hole can also be used to produce a regulated
Sizes other adjacent product specifications. This is the two-roll sizing mill can adjust the basic characteristics ---
Sex. Since the two rolls constitute pass, pass each roll of wrap angle near 180 °, bottom and side of the hole
The opening of the wall and the speed difference is large, the Carbon steel elbow during the deformation speed on the same section are not serious
Both, Carbon steel elbow pass between the rollers sliding and impact Carbon steel elbow surface quality; same time, to ensure the rolling
Made smooth and stable, pass sidewall design has some slope, reducing the roll on Carbon steel elbow effective package
Network, so that produce Carbon steel elbow size accuracy is relatively low. Roll pass processing does not require special tools, can be
Meet the special thick-walled pipe sizing needs.
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