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pull chain with a claw stuck rod expander head through Carbon steel elbow length

更新日期:2013-07-29  浏览:1657

    Thermal expansion pipe technology and equipment Thermal expansion of the main diagonal rolling process and drawing Flaring Flaring two kinds. Thermal expansion of Carbon steel elbow technology originated in the secondary Perforation, in 1993 Italy Dalmine Carbon steel elbow plant put into operation a skew rolling expansion of the machine, replacing the original Pull-type expansion of the machine, the raw material comes from the tube Pipe Mill, the expansion pipe mill production specifications for the (∮ 355.5 ~ 711.2 refuse refuse) × (8 ~ 27 refuse refuse). The world's first drawing heat expansion of the machine, according to remember Germany Mir set (M Mans Mans r) design and manufacturing plant, installed in 1936, Italy, Dalmine Carbon steel elbow plant. The thermal expansion of the machine configuration in the plant cycle pipe mill, may be ∮ 420 garbage rubbish waste pipe or finished pipe thermal expansion A maximum diameter ∮ 720 (813) garbage garbage, refuse a length of 15 Carbon steel elbow.

    Thermal expansion of the machine drawing process characteristics in the process of expanding tube enlarged diameter Carbon steel elbow, wall thinning and Length slightly shorter, and the skew rolling process with different Flaring is but slightly shorter than the length of elongation; Thermal expansion of the machine drawing simple equipment, low investment, but because of the flaring process control Carbon steel elbow wall thickness can Force is very low, so the shortage of pipe size required high precision and skew rolling expansion of the machine equipment is relatively complex Complex, large and more investment, but high production efficiency, Carbon steel elbow and good quality. 1 set of existing domestic Pilger - drawing style pipe mill expansion, the production process is Multilateral round wavy ingot furnace heating in the ring after the first set in a hot-headed effort on centering hole, then After the two-roll rotary piercing machine wear as thick-walled hollow capillary tube, and then through the cycle rolling machine rolling into a tube and cut waste Head and tail and segmented, to pull type expansion pipe mill production. Material in the slotted tube furnace (fuel gas) pipe ends will be heated to 950 ° or so, the water pressure expansion Heating pipe mouth machine will expand into a bell, transported by conveyor to the stepper overall heating furnace. Heating After the expansion of the machine to the drawing style, and by the card of the machine will be Carbon steel elbow stuck in the bell end of the (fixed), then The first root with a long rod expander head and fed through Carbon steel elbow jaws arrive at pulling the chain, pull chain with a claw stuck rod expander head through Carbon steel elbow length, The Carbon steel elbow diameter to expand (head diameter pipe expansion Greater than Carbon steel elbow diameter), and then release the lever pull chain claw and push back this first root trolley chain, Sent back to the original feed position.

    In the first flared on the root rod head after leaving Carbon steel elbow, followed by a second Root with a long rod expander head has been sent through the Carbon steel elbow and pull the chain to reach the second jaw (pull There are two pull chain claws) place, pull chain lever claw stuck second root pass with flaring head again Length over Carbon steel elbow, Carbon steel elbow further enlarged diameter (second flaring head larger than the first one). Then The third root, fourth root with their flared head of the rod is pulled through full-length Carbon steel elbow, Carbon steel elbow diameter will carry a Further expanded. General heating time, can be 2 to 4 times a flared channel distortion. If four passes Flaring After not extend to the finished size must be a second, and the third heat, continue to expand the tube deformation, until Carbon steel elbow reaches finished pipe size requirements. Finished pass Carbon steel elbow temperature is generally 600 ~ 700 ℃, expanded Tube plug diameter than the inner diameter of the pipe cold 0.45% ~ 0.55%. Then, the Carbon steel elbow to position the output rollers Road by flame cutting machines cut the bell, sending cooling bed cooling, cooling sent Finishing, or sent And then heating again flaring.

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