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Carbon steel elbow straightening machine can be mechanical stress and helical roller straightening s

更新日期:2013-07-29  浏览:1614

    Drawing heat pipe expansion process characteristics: ① pipe expansion, the metal radial, tangential and vertical stresses, radial and tangential stress The Carbon steel elbow flaring, the deformation resulting increase in diameter, wall thickness, length slightly shorter. Diameter growth Large compensating metal obtained mainly by reducing the wall thickness (80% ~ 85%), only a shorter length compensation Small Portion (15% ~ 20%). Italy Dalmine Carbon steel elbow plant in accordance with empirically derived: expansion ratio should generally be Controlled at 45 percent, more than this value, the thermal expansion of the quality of the finished pipe is difficult to guarantee. Currently the most extended system Large diameter reached ∮ 720 garbage garbage. ② When the mother pipe wall thickness less than or equal to 15 garbage garbage is typically heated for 1 second can be 3 to 4 channel Second diffuser, the specific distribution of deformation: the first pass Flaring 18% to 22%; second pass Flaring 13% ~ 16%; third pass Flaring 5% to 8%; fourth pass Flaring 1% to 2%, since the purpose is to Sizing effect. ③ When the mother pipe wall thickness greater than 15 when the refuse garbage, difficult to achieve a heat expansion ratio of 45%, generally To make repeated heating and flaring. Its expansion ratio allocated as follows: The first total heating rate of 18% flaring 22%; each pass expansion ratio were 10%, 6%, 4%; overall expanding the second heating rate 13% ~ 16%, expanding each pass rates were 8%, 6%, 3%. Expanding the third total heating rate 3% to 4%, each pass expansion ratio was 2.5% and 1.5%; final expansion ratio Average Of 1.5%.

    Carbon steel elbow finishing process Carbon steel elbow finishing processes include: straightening, cutting (sawing) head and tail, saws (cut) segments, sampling, inspection, grinding, cutting (sawing) waste pipe, print marking, packaging, and special requirements of the heat treatment , no Loss detection and coatings. 2.5 Fly Carbon steel elbow straightening process Carbon steel elbow cooled by the cooling bed, the general flatness better, but it does not guarantee to meet the standards Requirements, particularly at the higher level requirements. In addition, Carbon steel elbow in the cooling process after hot rolling and rolling of oxygen produced Of the metal needs to be cleared; Carbon steel elbow produced in the rolling head and tail geometry, shape and surface aspects Defects also needs to be cut, so the Carbon steel elbow through finishing processes to deal with. Carbon steel elbow straightness is not only a standard Carbon steel elbow Requirements, but also Carbon steel elbow finishing needs of each process, each Carbon steel elbow production line must be arranged through Roller Straightener. Carbon steel elbow according to standards, specifications (diameter and wall thickness), steel and strength are not With the requirements of the structure and type of straightening machine is different.

    Carbon steel elbow straightening machine can be mechanical stress and helical roller straightening straightening two kinds. The former structure is simple, suitable for direct Diameter ∮ 38 ~ 600 garbage garbage, refuse garbage curvature 50 / refuse the above Carbon steel elbow straightening, its production efficiency is low, Straightening effect is poor, Carbon steel elbow used for early correction. As a result of oblique roll straightener straightening roller tilt arrangement, straightening Process of Carbon steel elbow do spiral forward motion, make Carbon steel elbow between the rollers repeatedly bending, straightening effect Good. Has the following advantages: Work process is continuous, high production efficiency; straightening rollers adjustable up and down, which can effectively Eliminate ovality and curvature; straightening rolls unique roll shape ensures Carbon steel elbow and straightening rolls full contact, so Straightening quality improvement. There are five common roll and seven roll. Seven roller straightening machine structure is more perfect, and there are more cycle times Number, and versatile. Roller according to scheme can be arranged with type 2-2-2-1 1-2 -2-1-2-1 type and 3-1-3 type And so on. The most common type among 2-2-2-1, straightening range, can straightening small diameter thin-walled Carbon steel elbow; 1-2-1 - 2-1 Multi ends for straightening thick oil pipe; 3-1-3 type is used for straightening ends not thickened oil Tube. 90 years of the 20th century, made in cooperation with foreign countries on the basis of a variety of specifications developed Six and seven vertical rollers roll Carbon steel elbow straightening machine, has been basically formed, the technology has reached the international level Advanced level.

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