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Carbon steel elbow sawing process cutting step is produced in the rolling head

更新日期:2013-07-29  浏览:1700

    Carbon steel elbow sawing process cutting step is  produced in the rolling head, tail and the geometric size, shape and form Surface defects such as parts cut off, or will be, after reducing the size of pipe segments fold into a single-size sawing or Will be determined by examination and testing of waste pipe sections removed. Carbon steel elbow sawing machine available or calandria tube cutting saws. The production is not too high, Carbon steel elbow root number is not particularly large selection of calandria tube rolling machine saws, pipe cutter phase because For the efficiency of exhaust pipe saw much lower occupancy plant area. However, pipe cutting machine can not only cut the pipe, and Can deburring, chamfering and cutting groove, while the exhaust pipe behind saws are generally also equipped with such devices. Of Carbon steel elbow sawing, early use of all pipe cutting machine. Pipe cutting machine cutting a single piece Carbon steel elbow or cutting head for cutting process. Cut two ways, one is Carbon steel elbow rotation, the tool do the linear motion; Another is Carbon steel elbow fixed, rotary and linear motion tool to do. The former high efficiency, multi-function (to the hair Thorn, chamfering, beveling and interior cylindrical cut), but Carbon steel elbow to pass through a host header spindle hole, so the device Huge (especially cut large diameter Carbon steel elbow), complex, and because Carbon steel elbow rotation, requiring high performance and steel auxiliary Tube straight is good; latter, because Carbon steel elbow is fixed, only the cutter rotation, so the host header is relatively Small, relatively simple, low power requirements, but the function is relatively simple, and can cut down the outer edges, so a Generally only used for less demanding on the quality of the pipe end of the small diameter Carbon steel elbow (such as pipe) and extra large diameter (eg 400 garbage garbage above) Carbon steel elbow.

    Pipe cutting machine design and manufacture of universal earlier, broader, faster development. The 1990s, China has more commonly used pipe cutter pipe cutting efficiency. After the 1980s, the advent of advanced, high-volume introduction pipe mill, Carbon steel elbow sawing also Steering applications calandria saws. Calandria Sawing is a row of Carbon steel elbow simultaneously process a row of Carbon steel elbow width Degrees, blade diameter is generally about 65%. Movement of the blade, there are two, one is the door type structure Up and down movement (such as Germany Wagner cold saws); Another is the movement of the swing-type structure (such as the United State CMI's cold saws). The two rows of tubes are introducing our saws. Carbon steel elbow length measuring, weighing, printing tags, packaging General rolled Carbon steel elbow finishing line is the last step of each Carbon steel elbow length measuring, weighing, marking and printing fight Packaged in bundles, all done manually in the past. 1985 certain Carbon steel elbow plant equipment purchased from abroad monomer, Instrumentation and control computers, their design and manufacture of measuring length, weighing, marking and bundling packaging printing raw Production line put into operation the first in China to achieve a mechanized operation. In the same year another Carbon steel elbow plant from Germany full ∮ 140 sets of imported garbage garbage rolling mill finishing line is put into operation, to achieve a further finishing raw whole Production line automation. Since then, the new advanced finishing pipe mill production line were mostly built with Carbon steel elbow Length measuring, weighing, marking and printing bale packaging lines.

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