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Quality detection method of thermal expansion pipe

更新日期:2013-06-04  浏览:1719

Eddy current testing
Eddy current testing method is nondestructive detection method, which is widely used in the field of industrial. It is based on the theory of electromagnetic induction. Without any coupling agent, it can fast automatic detect one hundred percent specimens. For seamless steel tube, the regular shape and single specimen, it is a powerful tool for the rapid detection of mass. Therefore, it is not limited to large-size hot-expanding seamless. It has become one of the necessary means to test all kinds of pipe quality.

Magnetic flux leakage testing
Magnetic flux leakage detection is a nondestructive testing technique based on the change of ferromagnetic materials for magnetic. When the ferromagnetic material is magnetized, due to defects of leakage magnetic field generated in the work piece surface, therefore, by detecting the magnetic leakage can find defects of large-size hot-expanding seamless material.

Ultrasonic testing
Ultrasonic inspection for pipe quality includes the defect detection for ultrasonic flaw detection purposes and the defect detection to measure the size of ultrasonic measurement purpose. The former is widely used, both automatic inspection, there are manual testing; application of the latter is rarely, and general with manual measurement.

Magnetic flux leakage testing technology of steel consists of magnetic particle testing method and the field method for determination. The former’s equipment is although complex, and of high cost and difficult operation, through the sensor to pick up the magnetic leakage field information, so it is easy to realize automatic detection, which is suitable for large quantities automatic inspection of steel pipe. So under normal circumstances, if no special instructions, magnetic flux leakage testing tube usually refers to the magnetic field measurement. The latter is simple, but it needs the naked eye to observe the magnetic mark, so it is difficult to realize automation.

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