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Eddy current testing is carried out according to GB7735 "SSAW steel pipe eddy current testing method

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 The pipeline company has 9 sets of roller units, and the total value reached 50000000 Yuan respectively in theΦ325, Φ355, Φ377, Φ406, Φ457, 508, Φ610, Φ630 and Φ711 roller unit. It is the manufacturer with the most complete specifications of the productions of high-frequency straight seam welding pipe, also is the only one is capable of producing 711mm straight welded pipe, and it becomes an independent school in the domestic and international HFW and ERW field. The total investment of 1000000000 Yuan of ERW pipe project won the national torch plan project, and the high-frequency straight seam welding SSAW steel pipe should do the test, flattening mechanical performance test and flaring test to meet the requirement. SSAW steel pipe should be able to withstand a certain pressure, and carrying out a 2.5Mpa pressure test when it is necessary to maintain no leakage in one minute.

    Allowed to replace the hydraulic pressure test method for eddy current testing. Eddy current testing is carried out according to GB7735 "SSAW steel pipe eddy current testing method". Eddy current testing method is that the probe is fixed on the machine frame, keeping 3~5mm distance of the inspection and weld and relying on the rapid movement SSAW steel pipe on weld full scan.The flaw detection signal achieves the inspection purpose by the automatic processing and automatic sorting eddy of current flaw detector. After testing, the welded pipe is cut by the flying saw according to the specified length , and signing off the turning frame line. Both ends of SSAW steel pipe should be chamfered, marked, and the finished work packed by the hexagon binding before leaving the factory.Commonly used materials: Q235A, Q235C, Q235B, 16Mn, 20#, Q345, L245, L290, X42, X46, X60, X80, 0Cr13, 1Cr17, 00Cr19Ni11, 1Cr18Ni9, 0Cr18Ni11Nb etc. Welding of SSAW steel pipe is used of the blank sheet or strip, and according to the different welding processes it is divided into the furnace pipe, welding (ERW) pipe and automatic arc high-frequency straight seam  welding of SSAW steel pipe325*12 priced of 3390 Yuan of welded pipe. Because of the different forms of welding, it can be divided into  high-frequency straight seam welding of SSAW steel pipe and spiral welded pipe.According to the different end shapes, it is divided into circular welded pipe and profiled (square, flat) welded pipe. According to the different uses and materials , the pipe materials are divided into the following several kinds:

GB/T3091-2001 (SSAW steel pipe of galvanized welding is used in low-pressure fluid transport). Mainly used for conveying water, gas, air, oil and heating hot water or steam etc generally low pressure flow and other purposes. The representative material: Q235 grade steel.

* * GB/T14291-2006 (SSAW steel pipe of fluid delivery welding is used in mine ). Mainly used in mine air pressure, drainage and shaft put gas use straight seam welding of SSAW steel pipe. The representative material is  Q235A, B grade steel.

GB/T14980-1994 (with a large diameter welding SSAW steel pipe used in low pressure fluid delivery). Mainly used for conveying water, sewage, gas, air, steam heating and other purposes, such as low-pressure fluid. The representative of material is Q235 grade steel.

GB/T12770-2002 (SSAW steel pipe welding in stainless steel mechanical structure). Mainly used in machinery, automobile, bicycle, hotels and hotel furniture, decoration and other mechanical components and structural parts. The representative of material is0Cr13, 1Cr17, 00Cr19Ni11, 1Cr18Ni9 and 0Cr18Ni11Nb etc.

GB/T12771-1991 (welded stainless steel SSAW steel pipe in fluid transfer). Mainly used to transport the corrosive medium voltage. Representative of the material is 0Cr13, 0Cr19Ni9, 00Cr19Ni11, 00Cr17, 0Cr18Ni11Nb and 0017Cr17Ni14Mo2 etc..

Otherwise, the welding stainless steel SSAW steel pipe (GB/T 18705-2002) is used in decoration.The welded stainless steel tubes is used for architectural decoration (JG/T 3030-1995), low pressure fluid conveyor with large diameter welded SSAW steel pipe (GB/T 3091-2001), and the heat exchanger uses the welding of SSAW steel pipe (YB4103-2000.  our website url

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