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This pipe rolling mill after rolling carbon steel seamless pipe wall thickness uneven symmetry exist

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 The carbon steel seamless pipe production process, can basically be divided into three main deformation processes: Piercing

(Rolling) into a tubular blank "capillary"; rolled into a hot finished pipe required thickness of the "waste pipe"; rolling
Requirements into the hot finished tube outer diameter of the "finished tube."
① perforation (rolling) capillary. Capillary is carbon steel seamless pipe production process first deformation process is the heated carbon steel seamless pipe in punch a hole into a thick-walled capillary, capillary inner and outer surfaces should be free of defects,
Rolling to the next step. In hydraulic punching machine for the kind of punch can only be made from thick-walled cup parison
(One end sealed) tube feeding, still need to continue after heating machine minus the extension wall extension, extension
Also the bottom of the cup the cup parison dress capillary extension. However, the old-fashioned pipe jacking machine process is different,
Since the special needs of pipe jacking process (punching the bottom of the cup cup withstand jacking force), in the extended machine only reduced
Bottom of the cup wall extension without extended wear.
Capillary production methods are: two or three rollers roll rotary piercing; hydraulic punching and extended; push piercing
And extended. Production of various periods capillary method is as follows.
Chaotic. Capillary of the earliest production time is the early 1950s, capillary tube by the automatic rolling
Unit's two roll rotary piercing machine production, carbon steel seamless pipe to provide rolling stock. In the late 1950s,
China is also building several sets of perforation unit, carbon steel seamless pipe group, using punch or carbon steel seamless pipe group
Perforated unit to produce capillary.
L.20 1960s, the top tube unit and periodic pipe mill production, heated billet and
Ingot respectively, in vertical and horizontal hydraulic punching machine washed into thick-walled cup parison, after reheating after stretching machine
Less wall extension on the top tube rolling machine "with the end of the capillary," or less wall extension and bottom of the cup after extended wear
Hair extension machine rolling tube; extruded tube unit into operation, the vertical hydraulic punching machine punching or expand the system
Into the capillary tube, and then heated extruder for extruding a tube.
c.20 In the 1970s, our country and built a three-roll pipe mill, the production of capillary development in three
Rolling pipe mill three roll rotary piercing machine dressed for three-roll rolling machine rolling capillary tube.
3.20 In the 1980s, China's production and the development of the capillary to be put into operation in the rolling pipe mill
Diesel piercing machine rolling.
Mans .20 In the 1990s, the country developed its own ∮ 50 garbage garbage three rolls seamlessly combined perforation
carbon steel seamless pipe joint puncher unit directly on rolling out the waste pipe wear can be directly used for machining the finished pipe sizing.
Meanwhile, capillary also built other pipe mill tapered roller punching machine production.
② rolling waste pipe. Waste pipe is rolled carbon steel seamless pipe production process of the second deformation step, the main
If the thick-walled capillary under the premise of guaranteeing quality, rolled to finished regulatory requirements (and to consider the work behind
Sequence of) the thickness dimension and accuracy. Rolled thin wall deformation is mainly to carbon steel seamless pipe in length Fangxiang Yan
Stretch (variable length), and accompanied by a reduced diameter direction, expanding deformation. The rolling deformation diametrically
Tube machine models related, but we must ensure that waste pipe outside diameter larger than the outer diameter of the finished pipe heat.
carbon steel seamless pipe rolling waste pipe wall due to reduced small amount (generally extends coefficient is not more than 2.1), then
Amount of deformation of the radial direction is small. Arakawa tube diameter from the pipe rolling mill roll pass decision, the adjustment range than
Small. This pipe rolling mill after rolling carbon steel seamless pipe wall thickness uneven symmetry exists, subsequent processes must be both
Machine are rounded to eliminate uneven thickness.
Jacking machine Pilger rolling machine, and the mother pipe, the wall by volume (maximum elongation coefficient of 6 to 12), the diameter direction of the amount of deformation is large. Arakawa tube diameter determined by the roll pass, adjusting range
Small. As pipe jacking machine is three or four roll roller rolling machine cycle although the two roll mill, but the number of heavy wall thickness
Multiple (3 times), the mother pipe wall thickness after rolling unevenness than that of carbon steel seamless pipe is good, no
Whole process needs are. However, due to shortage of pipe jacking hug mandrel, and with bottom of the cup, it is necessary to loosen
Rods, sticks and sawing off the bottom of the cup.
MPM Tube Rolling reducing the amount of waste and reduce the wall capacity, shortage of pipe diameter and wall thickness from the roll pass and
Mandrel diameter decision. In the same hole in the radial direction by a certain amount of adjustment or replacement of the mandrel size, can be rolled
The system out of different thickness of the carbon steel seamless pipe. MPM shortage tube rolling process in China has several sets of units
As inclined pipe rolling mill (three rolls, disc Diesel or precision tube mill) rolling tube approach is oblique shortage
Rolling, the rolling process in the direction of metal flow is oblique, which is divided into vertical and horizontal, the vertical
carbon steel seamless pipe in the longitudinal direction, transverse the carbon steel seamless pipe diameter direction. The main direction is oblique rolling landscape, which expanded diameter
Rolling very favorable, while the other path and reduce rolling is extremely unfavorable. Three-roll rolling machine rolling when the control
Built carbon steel seamless pipe diameter, mainly to select mandrel diameter, roll pore throat design and adjustment; disc Diesel and
Precision rolling machine rolling pipe carbon steel seamless pipe diameter control is mainly determined mandrel diameter, roll and the guide plate pore throat
Design, pore throat adjust its speed matching.
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