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Waste pipe production is rolled Carbon steel elbow production processes is one of the important defo

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  Hydraulic punching

Hydraulic punching is the top tube unit and periodic pipe mill production capillary before the procedure, but also the extruded tube
Unit production the first step of the capillary. Punching process is mainly to change Carbon steel elbow (ingot) the cross-sectional shape
Shape (rectangular or square wave shaped by the change circular), and little change in cross-sectional area, namely, the basic
No or only a very small deformation (extension). Hydraulic punching machine with vertical and horizontal of the points, generally vertical
For a shorter Carbon steel elbow (≤ 1.5 garbage garbage), horizontal for long Carbon steel elbow or ingots.
Vertical water (liquid) pressure punching, punching in order to reduce bias, generally square Carbon steel elbow before punching through
Over Carbon steel elbow stereotypes stereotypes. Extruded pipe mill is generally used round Carbon steel elbow, cylindrical advance by car (stripping
Skin), in order to ensure the accuracy of the diameter size; while the stainless steel or high alloy steel, Carbon steel elbow also in the drilled
Through Hole (∮ 20 ~ 30 refuse refuse) to ensure uniform wall thickness. Stainless steel or high alloy steel is not a punching
But reaming.
The two roll rolling extension
Before jacking machine designed cup-shaped Carbon steel elbow extension hair dryer. In such an extension machine, punching thick-walled cup-shaped parison
Only reduced wear bottom of the cup wall extension without delay, requiring immediate extension of pre-inserted and push cup cup parison parison into
Stretching machine extension. Less wall extension is based on its small diameter cup parison based, and cup inner diameter slightly less parison
Small. Roll pass with two roll rotary piercing machine is slightly different, there is one in the shoulder pass to focus less
Diameter, while the head is similar to a short mandrel, with two roll rotary piercing head is completely different. This extension machine
Structure, the host body and the main drive system is basically two roll rotary piercing machine similar, but quite different front and back. Front desk movable head and trolley car drives, the background has only given capillary
Heart roll and turn feeding device.
Cycle roll unit using capillary extension machine, not only to extend the parison thick cup, but also to extend wear
Bottom of the cup. Its structure and two roll rotary piercing machine similar. Extended wear bottom of the cup deformation fact
Is perforated deformed head and Mannesmann piercer basically the same. The less the deformation of the wall extension and rolling
Roll grooved pipe jacking unit's shape stretching machine similar.
 Shortage Pipe Production
Waste pipe production is rolled Carbon steel elbow production processes is one of the important deformation process, production method package
Including continuous rolling, automatic rolling, disc (Diesel) rolled tubes and precision rolling, three rollers (Asser)
Rolling, Pilger, top tube (including a large top tube), squeeze tubes.
2.3 Fly continuous rolling production process
Continuous tube rolling (hereinafter referred to as MPM) is the inner mandrel with long hair worn continuously passed through a tube
Arranged in series rack, rolling and rolling into line with the requirements of waste pipe size rolling method, as shown in Figure 2-4
Shown. Its distinguishing feature is a large capacity, high production efficiency, rolling shortage tube length and good product quality,
Specifications range; But while its investment, as well as automatic control related technologies and more demanding.
Figure 2-4 schematically continuous rolling
Since 1843 began to study continuous rolling method, after the number of generations on the rack, the rack form and
Transmission and other aspects of research and practice, to 1949, the United States Lauren (LOr mess i nine) factory cast
9 production of one frame, the roll axis and the ground plane 45 °, 90 ° to each adjacent racks arrangement, the
DC motor alone drives the roller rolling machine, and arranged in the back stretch reducing mill. This rolling
Tube machine laid the foundation of modern rolling tube machine, then the world's major production of Carbon steel elbow countries have built up such a rolling machine.
MPM rack for the two-roll type, the basic structure is similar to ordinary two re-rolling mill.
According to the different ways of moving the mandrel rolling tube machine can be divided into full-floating, Limit and semi-MPM
Three types of the machine.
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