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When the choice of a certain pass design micro-tension values to control Carbon steel elbow rolling

更新日期:2013-07-29  浏览:1575

    In order to solve two roller set (minus) Mill produces Carbon steel elbow sizes relatively low accuracy problems, development A three-roll set (minus) Mill. Three rollers sizing machine 3 rolls lines intersect is 120 °, and surrounded by an equilateral Triangle, two adjacent roll axis angle of 60 °, the adjacent two of six cast roll axis Movies is a regular hexagon. Rollers mounted on a rigid good overall framework. The roll has been installed and adjusted The whole a good rack, three rolls simultaneously pass after processing, without further adjustment. Since three roller set (Minus) the structural characteristics of diameter machine, three roll forming pass, each roll wrap angle of 120 °, hole Type the velocity difference between points is small, closed well, pass precise geometry, finished tube diameter accuracy ± (0.3% to 0.5%), so the production of the Carbon steel elbow surface quality, dimensional accuracy.

    However, the On roll (pass) adjustment difficulties, which requires each specification must have a corresponding hole and roll Spare, and is able to ensure continuous production of sufficient quantities of demolition, equipment, processing rolls and racks. Other In addition, dedicated roll pass pass milling processing needs. Set (minus) diameter transmission main form has a fixed concentration ratio transmission, DC alone drive, set The differential speed transmission, packet transmission and so on. ① DC single drive. That is, each frame by a separate DC motor drive. Machinery and equipment from the side Perspective is simple and reliable, and flexible adjustment of the speed, range, product specifications range, large production capacity. However, rolling instantaneous bite and throw the big downhill, causing tension fluctuation, the longitudinal wall uneven, due to The cutting head and tail loss increases; electric control device complexity, high cost, adjustment, maintenance requirements high. ② focus differential speed transmission. This is the electrical, mechanical and use the speed control mode. DC motor Individual drive compared to its smaller speed range, speed flexibility is also poor, but if the main drive motor with DC motor, speed range is larger, able to meet production requirements. It also has the speed just Good (although rolling bite fashionable motor deceleration, but only affect sizing mill rolling speed without changing the machine The speed ratio between frame), electrical control system is relatively simple, compared to investment, compact structure, simple operation, easy maintenance. (2) three micro tension roller set (minus) Mill. Three micro tension roller set (minus) diameter machines generally use 12 Rack, a few use 14,10 rack individually in 8 racks. 12 Rack micro tension sizing mill usually Centralized and separate two drive.

    When the choice of a certain pass design micro-tension values to control Carbon steel elbow rolling The amount of the increased wall thickness, so that after rolling Carbon steel elbow wall thickness, less prone to internal defects. Three micro tension roller set (minus) Trail is the case in the absence of the mandrel tube on the shortage of three consecutive frames Rolling rolls, the rolls of each stand the tension generated by the relative speed of the tube during rolling and tensile stress Combined effects of deformation. Diameter decreases mainly in the hole of each rack and rack reducing the tension between Cumulative effect results, and the wall thinning depends on the inter-stand tension, accompanied by rolling System pressure to the combined result of wall thickening. Micro-tension set (minus) diameter machine because tension coefficient is small, rolling Pressure system dominates the wall thickening, often exhibit the phenomenon of increased wall.

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