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Pohang Iron and Steel and other steel enterprises in South Korea and Japan will be dumping prosecuti

更新日期:2013-10-10  浏览:1476

    apply to the mainland Taiwan's China Steel steel anti-dumping According to foreign media reports, China Taiwan Steel that Japan, South Korea, China and India, the steel price exported to Taiwan, China Steel is still selling at a loss can not resist, these countries are regions through the "domestic export subsidy" approach has resulted in unfair market competition, Ministry of Finance official to Taiwan Customs Administration proposal asking the government imposed a 20% -50% anti-dumping duty. 2 The EU continues to import from China and Taiwan, stainless steel fasteners anti-dumping duties According to reports, the EU has decided to continue on imports from China of stainless steel nuts and bolts to impose anti-dumping duty for a period of five years, the EU set stainless steel fasteners anti-dumping duties of up to 27.4%. The EU said that once the withdrawal of anti-dumping measures, then dumping will continue comeback. EU China Taiwan stainless steel fasteners anti-dumping duty is set to 23.6%, while mainland China's anti-dumping duty set at 27.4%.

    Pohang Iron and Steel and other steel enterprises in South Korea and Japan will be dumping prosecution steel prices "Chosun Ilbo" reported on January 18, POSCO (POSCO), Hyundai Steel, Dongkuk steel companies such as South Korea, Japan and China plan for the steel companies filed anti-dumping proceedings. According to the Korea Iron and Steel Association on the 16th revealed that South Korea three large steel companies have decided as early as the 18th in Korea Iron and Steel Association Committee is established within the trade measures on China, Japan, steel products cheap offensive against South Korean steel industry harm the investigation. Reported that South Korean steel companies promoting anti-dumping complaint filed, because the Japanese, Chinese steel companies to lower than its domestic prices more than 20% of the price of hot-rolled steel exports to South Korea, marine and other major steel plate, which seriously damaged the South Korean steel distribution market price structure. 4. EU anti-dumping measures on China molybdenum wire extended to Malaysia January 12, 2012, the European Council issued an official announcement that the anti-circumvention investigation by the European Commission, the EU decided to anti-dumping measures on China molybdenum wire extended to Malaysia. 2010 EU originating in China molybdenum wire products began to formally levy 64.3 percent of the final anti-dumping duties. In April 2011 the European Commission proposed the EU industry organizations to apply anti-circumvention, accusing China via Malaysia and Switzerland, the product concerned exported to the EU, called for from Malaysia and Switzerland molybdenum wire products for anti-circumvention investigation. The European Commission investigation that since 2010 to take measures against Chinese products, the products involved in the Chinese exports to the EU decreased significantly, while Chinese exports to Malaysia and Malaysian exports to the EU have increased accordingly molybdenum wire products, the final determination of Chinese exports providers to circumvent anti-dumping measures, the EU transhipment via Malaysia, while the Swiss export products there is no such circumvention.Therefore, the decision on imports of the product concerned from Malaysia, whether claims originating in Malaysia, 64.3% were imposed anti-dumping duties. 5 stainless steel cooking utensils Brazil will hold the final hearing on the anti-dumping Brazilian Trade Protection Agency sent a letter to my business at the embassy in Brazil, told the Palestinian side is scheduled for February 14, 2012 15:00-17:00 in Brazil Development, Industry and Foreign Trade Ministry building on the stainless steel cooking utensils final hearing was held anti-dumping case will (14:45 minutes delegates sign). Each unit can send three representatives attend the meeting, the 5th advance registration. Stakeholders such as submitting a written application materials, the hearing shall be held no later than 10 days (ie, 3 February) before submitting. 6 Canada China stainless steel sink made preliminary anti-dumping and countervailing January 20, 2012, the Canada Border Services Agency issued a bulletin on stainless steel sinks originating in China to make anti-dumping and countervailing preliminary ruling. October 27, 2011, Canada Border Services Agency on stainless steel sinks originating in China anti-dumping and countervailing investigation.The products involved customs codes for 7324.10.00.11,7324.10.00.19,7324.10.00.21,7324.10.00.29. 7, the United States and Italy three homemade butt weld stainless steel seamless pipe fittings for quick sunset review investigation Stainless steel seamless pipe 8, Russia to extend anti-dumping cases against China caitu survey period

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